12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist

Looking for a 12 month wedding planning checklist? We’ve collected the best free templates available online.

The big day is coming up!

Even though you are really excited about it, chances are you probably have no idea what are all the details you need to consider when planning a wedding.

The 12 months wedding planning checklist can help you immensely in this fun process.

12 Months Wedding Planning Checklist

Once you get past the planning in the beginning stages, it can be easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of the big picture.

This 12 months wedding planning checklist is the perfect solution for getting ahead of the game and setting yourself up for success.

12 Months Wedding Planning Checklist 101

What is a 12 month wedding planning checklist?

A 12 month wedding planning checklist is a list of the tasks and activities that must be completed to prepare for a wedding in one year.

Why is a 12 month wedding planning checklist important?

A 12 month wedding planning checklist is important to help you remember all the important things to do throughout all twelve months of the wedding planning process.

What should be included in a 12 month wedding planning checklist?

Since a wedding doesn’t happen overnight, it is best to start planning at least 12 months in advance.

Your wedding planning list should include a guest list, wedding colors and flowers, wedding invitations, hiring a wedding planner, deciding on a venue, writing your wedding vows, planning the honeymoon…

Wedding Planner 12 Months Checklist

Don’t worry too much about what to include in your checklist.

Here are a collection of useful 12 month wedding planning checklists to use for inspiration:

Wedding planning checklist template

Planning a wedding can be very stressful because there are so many things to do and so many things to think about.

However, if you allow yourself enough time to organize and categorize tasks month by month using a wedding-planning checklist and wedding timetable, the work becomes more enjoyable and less stressful.

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Wedding checklist template

Whether you’re planning two years ahead or one month out, you may use this 12-month wedding planning timetable as a guide.

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Wedding planning timeline

Using this 12-month wedding timeline planner, you’ll be able to keep track of everything that has to be done for your big day, as well as leave comments or ideas for yourself.

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12 Months Wedding Planning Checklist PDFs

12 Month Wedding Planning FAQs

In what order should I plan my wedding?

  • Spend some time daydreaming about your big day
  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Involve more people as backup
  • Decide on a date for the wedding
  • Choose your wedding party
  • Make a list of people you want to invite
  • Decide on the site of the wedding ceremony
  • Decide on your wedding venue

What is a typical wedding timeline?

One of the most frequent wedding timetables includes a Friday night rehearsal dinner, a Saturday night wedding with an early evening start time, and a morning following Sunday brunch.

How far in advance should you plan a wedding?

About a year, say experts. Nicole-Natassha Goulding, an award-winning wedding planner, thinks that one year’s notice is usually plenty for a normal, local wedding.

Couples have plenty of time to book a venue, employ vendors, select a wedding dress, and everything else that is needed.

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