Belgium Wedding Traditions

Are you curious about Belgium wedding traditions? If so, you’re in the right place. Weddings are a time for celebration and joy – but when it comes to Belgian weddings, there’s more than meets the eye. From engagement customs to post-wedding rituals, each tradition has its own unique set of meanings that have been passed down from generation to generation. So if you’re planning a Belgian wedding or just want to know more about this country’s culture and customs around marriage ceremonies – read on. Here we explore four distinct Belgium wedding traditions including those related to engagements, the big day itself as well as some unique ones only found in this region of Europe.

Belgium Wedding Traditions

Engagement Traditions

Engagement traditions in Belgium are steeped in symbolism and ritual. Proposal customs involve the groom asking for the bride’s hand in marriage from her parents, usually with a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine. The ring exchange ceremony is also an important part of Belgian engagement traditions. This involves both partners exchanging rings as a symbol of their commitment to each other. Pre-wedding celebrations may include an engagement party or dinner with family and friends, where gifts such as jewelry or home decor items are often exchanged between the couple and their families.

Proposal Customs

In Belgium, it is customary for the groom to ask for his bride’s hand in marriage from her parents before proposing directly to her. This is done by presenting them with a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine as symbols of respect and gratitude for raising their daughter into adulthood. After receiving permission from the bride’s parents, he will then propose directly to his partner on bended knee with an engagement ring presented in its box accompanied by words expressing his love and devotion towards her.

Ring Exchange Ceremony

The ring exchange ceremony marks one of the most significant moments during any wedding celebration in Belgium – when two people commit themselves to each other through eternity by exchanging rings that represent this bond they share together forevermore. During this ceremony, both partners will place rings on each other’s finger while reciting vows expressing their love and commitment towards one another before sealing it off with a kiss. It is also common practice for couples to have matching bands engraved with meaningful messages such as “Forever Together” or “Always & Forever” which serve as reminders throughout life about what truly matters most – Love.

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Pre-wedding celebrations are often held prior to weddings in Belgium where family members gather together over food and drinks while sharing stories about how happy they are that two people have found true love together. These events can range from intimate dinners at home among close relatives all the way up to large scale parties hosted at venues across town complete with music, dancing, decorations galore – not forgetting plenty of delicious treats too. Gifts such as jewelry pieces or home decor items may be exchanged between couples during these occasions too which makes them even more special.

Engagement traditions are an important part of the wedding process in Belgium, providing couples with a unique and meaningful way to express their commitment. As we move into discussing wedding day rituals, it’s essential to remember that each couple can tailor these customs to create a special experience for themselves and their guests.

Wedding Day Traditions

On the wedding day, processional and recessional rituals are observed. The bride is typically escorted down the aisle by her father or another male relative. This symbolizes a transition from one family to another as she joins her new husband’s family. Vows and exchange of rings follow during the ceremony, where couples make promises to each other in front of their friends and family. Rings are exchanged as a sign of commitment and love between two people who have chosen to spend their lives together.

During dinner time, there may be speeches given by close relatives or friends that express well wishes for the couple’s future togetherness. Afterward, they will cut into their cake together—a sweet ending to this special day.

From the solemn processional and recessional rituals, to the joyous exchange of vows and rings, wedding day traditions in Belgium are a beautiful way to honor your love for one another. Now that you have explored these customs, let’s take a look at post-wedding traditions such as honeymoon celebrations, gift giving customs and blessing ceremonies.

Post-Wedding Traditions

Honeymoon Celebrations:

After the wedding day, couples may choose to celebrate their new union with a special dinner or outing. This is an opportunity for them to relax and enjoy each other’s company after all of the planning and stress that comes along with preparing for a wedding. Couples can plan something as simple as a romantic dinner at home or they can go on an extravagant vacation together. No matter what they decide, it’s important to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to focus on one another in this exciting new chapter of their lives.

Gift Giving Customs:

Guests often present gifts to the newlyweds when they return from their honeymoon. These gifts are usually presented at the couple’s home, where friends and family gather around them in celebration of their marriage. Gifts typically include items such as kitchenware, linens, furniture, appliances, jewelry or even money towards future purchases like a house down payment or college tuition fund. It is customary for guests to give something that will help start off the couple’s married life together right.

Blessing ceremonies are also held at this time so that well-wishers can wish them well in their marriage journey together. These ceremonies vary depending on culture but generally involve prayers being said over the couple while family members offer words of encouragement and advice about how best to live out married life happily ever after. In some cultures there may be traditional songs sung by elders during these blessing ceremonies which adds extra meaning and significance for both families involved in joining two people together through marriage

Post-wedding traditions in Belgium are a special way of celebrating the marriage, ranging from honeymoon celebrations to gift giving customs and blessing ceremonies. As these traditions become more popular, it is important to understand the unique Belgian wedding traditions such as wearing veils and crowns, bouquet tossing, and cake cutting.

Unique Belgian Wedding Traditions

Belgian wedding traditions are unique and steeped in symbolism. Wearing of the bridal veil and crowns is a tradition that dates back centuries, symbolizing purity and fertility of the bride on her special day. The bride wears two white veils: one long veil to cover her face until she reaches the altar, and a shorter veil for when she kneels during the ceremony. She also wears an ornate headpiece or tiara made from flowers, ribbons, pearls or other decorations to signify her status as a married woman.

The bride’s bouquet tossing tradition is also popular in Belgium; after exchanging vows with her groom, she tosses her bouquet over her shoulder as a sign of good luck for all unmarried women present at the wedding who catch it. This custom has been practiced since medieval times and signifies passing on joy to others through marriage.

The groom’s cake cutting tradition involves him cutting a cake made of marzipan with his sword as a sign of strength and courage in his new role as husband and protector of his wife. It is believed that whoever eats this cake will have good fortune throughout their life together. This ritual was originally performed by knights before they went off to battle, but now serves as an important part of Belgian weddings today.


Belgium wedding traditions are a great way to add some unique flair to your special day. From engagement traditions, such as the exchanging of rings and gifts, to post-wedding customs like the presentation of a wooden spoon or traditional dance performances, these Belgian rituals will make your wedding truly memorable. Don’t forget that there are plenty of other unique Belgium wedding traditions out there too – so don’t be afraid to explore them all. Whether you choose one or many belgium wedding traditions for your big day, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.