12 Czech Wedding Traditions and Rituals

Are you looking for something unique and special to make your wedding day even more memorable?

Look no further than Czech wedding traditions.

For centuries, couples in the Czech Republic have celebrated their nuptials, with traditional customs still being practiced today.

From dressing up in elaborate attire to participating in meaningful ceremonies, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to Czech wedding traditions.

Get ready to learn as we look at some of these incredible rituals, including those related to clothing, ceremony practices, reception festivities, and music & dancing.

Czech Wedding Traditions

Pre-Wedding Traditions

1. The Proposal

Traditionally, a Czech man would propose marriage by presenting the woman with a bouquet accompanied by a bottle of champagne.

This is usually done in a private setting, such as the woman’s own home.

If the woman accepts, they would exchange rings that a priest or family member has blessed.

In some cases, the man may also ask for permission from the bride’s mother to marry her daughter.

This symbolic gesture signals his respect and commitment toward his future wife and her family.

2. Pre-Wedding Celebrations 

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic.

The soon-to-be bride or groom’s close friends and family members typically organize these events.

They usually involve a night out on the town, with drinks and dancing at various bars or nightclubs.

Guests at these parties often give gifts to the couple, such as decorative items for their future home.

Some people also choose to have pre-wedding dinners or small gatherings before the big day.

Wedding Attire

When it comes to wedding attire, Czech weddings are traditionally quite formal.

3. Bride and Groom’s Attire

For brides, there are many options when choosing an outfit for their special day.

A traditional white gown is always a classic choice, but some may opt for something more modern such as an off-the-shoulder design or even a jumpsuit.

Accessories like jewelry and headpieces can add extra detail and further personalize the look.

Grooms have plenty of choices, too, when it comes to selecting their wedding attire.

They can go with the timeless option of wearing a black tuxedo or choose something more unique such as colored trousers paired with suspenders and bow tie in complementary shades.

Shoes should also be considered; polished leather loafers will complete any look perfectly.

Guests attending Czech weddings should take care in what they wear too; smart casual clothing is usually suitable, although some couples may request that guests dress formally if they wish them all to match the event’s overall theme better.

Men often opt for tailored suits, while women might prefer cocktail dresses or skirts paired with blouses – whatever you decide on, make sure you feel comfortable yet stylish at all times.

Ceremony Traditions

4. Exchange of Rings

The exchange of rings is a traditional part of many wedding ceremonies. Czech weddings are no exception.

The rings are typically made from precious metals, such as gold or silver, and can be plain or decorated with diamonds and other gems.

They symbolize the couple’s commitment to each other and their eternal love.

During the ceremony, the bride and groom exchange their rings in front of family and friends to signify that they will always remain together.

5. Lighting of the Unity Candle

Lighting a unity candle is another popular tradition during Czech weddings.

This involves two candles being lit by either side of the couple’s parents before being used to light one larger central candle representing both families coming together as one unit.

It is usually accompanied by meaningful words spoken by either parent about how happy they are for their children’s union.

As the ceremony ends, couples embark on a new journey of married life together as they transition from one tradition to another.

The reception brings with it more traditional customs and celebrations that will make for a memorable day.

Reception Traditions

6. Toasting and Speeches

These are a popular tradition at Czech wedding receptions.

It is customary for the best man, maid of honor, parents of the bride and groom, or other special guests to give speeches in honor of the couple.

These speeches can be funny stories about the couple’s relationship or heartfelt messages wishing them luck in their marriage.

7. Cutting the Cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is another important reception tradition that symbolizes unity between two people becoming one.

The newlyweds will cut into a single cake with one hand on top of the other’s as they make their first joint decision as husband and wife.

8. Bouquet Tossing and Garter Removal

These two rituals often take place during a Czech wedding reception and are meant to bring luck to all those who participate in them.

During bouquet tossing, unmarried women gather around while the bride tosses her bouquet over her shoulder; whoever catches it is said to be next in line for marriage.

For garter removal, usually, only men participate; after removing his garter belt with his teeth or hands, he throws it out into the crowd, where whoever catches it will also have good fortune in finding love.

At the reception, traditional Czech wedding traditions are celebrated with toasting and speeches, cutting of the cake, bouquet tossing, and garter removal.

Music and dancing ensues as guests join in for polka dancing, singing traditional songs, and performing folk dances – a festive celebration that brings everyone together.

9. Music and Dancing Traditions

The first dance is an important milestone in any marriage.

It signifies that no matter what life throws at them, they will always have each other to lean on through good times and bad.

Music choices vary greatly, but some classic favorites include “At Last” by Etta James or “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley.

Polka dancing is a popular tradition at Czech weddings. It’s an energetic dance that involves couples moving around the floor in circles, often with guests joining in as well.

Traditional songs are played throughout the night for everyone to enjoy and celebrate the couple’s special day.

Traditional Czech Songs are usually sung during polka dances or other traditional dances performed by family members or friends of the couple.

These songs typically tell stories about love, life, and happiness and bring people together to celebrate marriage.

Folk Dances are also commonly seen at Czech weddings, often performed by family members or close friends of the bride and groom to honor them on their special day.

These folk dances can range from simple circle dances to more intricate choreographed pieces that involve several couples performing together in unison.

10. Czech Wedding Superstitions 

In the Czech Republic, there are several wedding superstitions that couples must observe for their special day.

Unmarried guests should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue to signify good luck.

The bride should never borrow anything from the groom until after the ceremony to avoid bad luck.

It is also considered important to have all ingredients necessary to make a cake on the wedding day, while moving furniture is believed to bring ill fortune.

Finally, carrying flowers during the ceremony helps bring good fortune to the couple’s union.

Post-Wedding Traditions

11. Gifting

Traditionally, gifts are given to the Czech bride and groom on the wedding day.

Some of the most popular gifts include jewelry, such as necklaces and rings, china or glassware items, bohemian crystal or porcelain figurines that make lovely reminders of the special day, or a piece of art that is meaningful to the couple.

However, as tastes have changed over time, some couples prefer receiving more practical items such as kitchen appliances or furniture.

Guests may even give money as a gift; in this case, it should be presented in an envelope with both the bride and groom’s names written on it.

12. Honeymoon

many couples in the Czech Republic take a honeymoon after their wedding.

Depending on the couple’s preference and budget, this can be either a short trip abroad or a more extended vacation.

Popular honeymoon destinations for Czech couples include Prague and other cities in the country and Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey.


Czech wedding traditions are a unique and beautiful way to celebrate your special day.

From the traditional attire, ceremony rituals, reception customs, and music and dancing – there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you choose to incorporate some of these Czech wedding traditions into your own celebration or go all out with a full-on Czech experience, it’s sure to be an unforgettable event that will leave lasting memories for years to come.