How Long Do Wedding Photos Take?

Wedding days often go by in a frenzied blur ‒ at least mine did. It made that airport security checkpoint mad dash we all do to empty our pockets and remove our shoes seem almost tranquil and relaxing in comparison.

Time is more valuable than a hard drive full of Bitcoin on a wedding day and likewise needs proper management. One of the most common questions soon-to-be spouses ask is, “How long do wedding photos take?”

On average, typical post-ceremony wedding photos seem to take about 45 minutes to an hour to shoot. Keep in mind that this is a very rough estimate. Depending on some of your preferences, the amount of time can vary greatly.

Here are a few questions to consider when budgeting precious wedding day time.

Where Will You Have Your Pictures Taken?

Location can significantly impact the time it takes for your photographer to snap the perfect image. Think about the necessary travel time to get to the site and the time needed to set up any extra equipment. The farther you go and the more complicated the shots, the longer it will take.

What’s Your Aesthetic?

There are so many stunning styles of wedding photography. Each style comes with different requirements, some of which take longer than others. If you want pictures taken in natural lighting, you might have to wait for an errant cloud to pass to get that perfect backlit sun shot. Know what kind of style you’re looking for and plan appropriately.

How Many Members Are in the Wedding Party?

More people means more time. Think about how many people are in your wedding party and what combination of photos you want. Do you want individual shots of each bridesmaid, groomsman, or family member? How many different group pictures and poses are you seeking? Allot a little extra time for large group photos ‒ there’s always someone with their eyes closed!

What About the “First Look”?

If you want to set aside a special time for a “first look” between you and your partner that isn’t when one of you walking down the aisle, you might want to budget some extra time. Weddings bring out all the feelings in even the most stoic among us; seeing your spouse for the first time before the ceremony can open up the figurative floodgates.

Allow some time for touching up running mascara ‒ or breathing deeply so your face isn’t that “I just ugly cried because I’m so happy” blotchy red.

Create Your Own Timeline

All of these elements and more can influence how long it takes to photograph your special day. If your heart is set on traditional photos, plan for about an hour. If you want something a little extra or a style that requires more setup time, discuss it with your photographer. They can help create a reasonable timeline.

Plan well and budget your time accordingly but don’t forget to enjoy the day. Your wedding photos are sure to turn out as gorgeous as you are.