How Long Is an Indian Wedding? Everything You Need to Know

A wedding is a momentous occasion, one that is full of joy and celebration.
Weddings in the United States typically last for a few hours, but weddings in India can last for days!

If you’re curious about Indian weddings, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

How Long Is an Indian Wedding? Everything You Need to Know

How Long Is an Indian Wedding?

Indian weddings are known to be very long and drawn out affairs. They often last for days, sometimes even weeks.

So, just How long is an indian wedding?

Well, it really depends on the couple and their families. Some weddings may only last a day or two, while others can go on for much longer.

It really just depends on what the couple and their families want. Indian weddings are usually a very big deal.

They often involve a lot of people and can be quite chaotic. But, in the end, they are always a lot of fun and very memorable.

The Different Stages of an Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding usually consists of four different stages:

The engagement, the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the post-wedding rituals. The engagement is when the families of the bride and groom officially meet and agree to the marriage.

This is usually a formal occasion, and the bride and groom may exchange rings or other gifts. The wedding ceremony is the main event, and usually takes place on the same day as the engagement.

It is a religious ceremony, often conducted by a priest or pandit, during which the couple exchange marriage vows.

The reception is a more festive occasion, held after the ceremony, where the couple and their guests celebrate the marriage with food, music, and dancing.

The post-wedding rituals are a series of ceremonies and rituals that are performed after the wedding, to mark the start of the couple’s married life.

These can include the vidaai, in which the bride bids farewell to her parents, and the grah pravesh, in which the couple is formally welcomed into the groom’s home.

Key Takeaway: An Indian wedding usually has four stages: engagement, ceremony, reception, and post-wedding rituals.

The Length of Each Stage of an Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the number of events that are taking place.

The stages of an Indian wedding usually include the following:

1. The Engagement Ceremony:

This is when the families of the bride and groom formally agree to the marriage. It can be a simple ceremony or a lavish affair, depending on the families’ wishes.

2. The Mehndi Ceremony:

This is when the bride has her hands and feet decorated with henna. It is typically done a day or two before the wedding.

3. The Sangeet Ceremony:

This is a fun event where the families and friends of the bride and groom get together to sing and dance. It is often held the night before the wedding.

4. The Wedding Ceremony:

This is the main event! The ceremony can last anywhere from a few hours to an entire day.

5. The Reception:

This is the after-party, where the guests can mingle and celebrate the new marriage. Indian weddings are usually very long and drawn-out affairs, but they are also incredibly beautiful and full of traditions.

If you’re planning on attending an Indian wedding, be prepared for a long, but enjoyable, event!

Key Takeaway: An Indian wedding can last several days and includes many traditional ceremonies.

Why Do Indian Weddings Last So Long?

Indian weddings are a grand affair, often lasting several days. They are a celebration of not just the couple getting married, but also of their families and friends.

There are a number of rituals and ceremonies that take place over the course of an Indian wedding, which is why they tend to be longer than other types of weddings.

One of the reasons why Indian weddings last so long is because of the number of rituals that take place.

For example, many Indian weddings start with a ceremony called the muhurta, which is when the bride and groom’s families meet and exchange gifts. This is followed by the griha shanti, which is a ritual to ensure that the home is ready for the wedding.

The actual wedding ceremony, called the vivaah, usually takes place on the third day. Another reason why Indian weddings tend to be longer is because of the feast that is typically served.

Indian weddings are often lavish affairs, with multiple courses being served. This can add to the length of the wedding, as guests linger and enjoy the food.

Finally, Indian weddings often last longer because of the amount of dancing that takes place. After the vivaah, there is often a reception where guests can dance and celebrate the new couple.

This can add several hours to the length of the wedding. Indian weddings are often beautiful and elaborate affairs that can last several days.

The length of the wedding is due to the number of rituals that take place, the feast that is served, and the amount of dancing that occurs.

Key Takeaway: Indian weddings are often elaborate affairs lasting several days, due to the number of rituals, the feast, and the dancing.

Tips for Planning Your Own Indian Wedding

If you’re planning your own Indian wedding, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Start Planning Early.

Indian weddings are notoriously complex and can take months to plan. Start working on your guest list, budget, and other details as soon as you can.

2. Delegate Tasks.

Trying to do everything yourself will only lead to stress. Delegate tasks to family members and friends, or hire a wedding planner to help with the logistics.

3. Choose a Venue That Can Accommodate a Large Number of Guests.

Indian weddings can often have hundreds of guests, so make sure your venue can accommodate everyone comfortably.

4. Consider a Destination Wedding.

If you have out-of-town guests, a destination wedding can be a great way to accommodate everyone. Just be sure to factor in the added costs of travel and accommodation.

5. Have a Backup Plan.

Indian weddings are often outdoors, but the weather can be unpredictable. Have a backup plan in case of rain or heat, and make sure your guests are aware of the contingency plan.

6. Embrace the Chaos.

Indian weddings are notoriously chaotic, but that’s part of the fun! Embrace the chaos and go with the flow on your big day.

Key Takeaway: Start planning early, delegate tasks, and choose a venue that can accommodate a large number of guests for an Indian wedding.

FAQs in Relation to How Long Is an Indian Wedding?

How long is an Indian marriage ceremony?

The average length of an Indian marriage ceremony is four days.


So, how long is an Indian wedding?

It really depends on the couple and their families, but most weddings last at least three days. So if you’re planning your own Indian wedding, be prepared for a lengthy celebration!

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