How Many Wedding Programs Do I Need?

As you go through planning your wedding, you’ll want to get an exact count on the number of wedding programs you’ll need.

The programs are the guiding light throughout the ceremony and reception. Without them, all your guests will be lost with no idea what’s going on. Don’t worry about printing too many as friends and family can take them home as souvenirs.

This article will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to how many wedding programs to print.

What is a Wedding Program?

A wedding program guides guests through the ceremony. It contains relevant information about the sequence of events, from everyone taking their seats to the big kiss between the bride and groom.

Suppose you’re having a traditional Christian wedding or another type of religious ceremony. In that case, the program should also guide guests through the various hymns and gospels the congregation will sing during the ceremony.

You should also include a brief welcome to everyone joining the ceremony (this will make the program more collectible) and a list of names for the people involved in the ceremony. People can then look at the program if they get confused about who is speaking or performing.

How Many Wedding Programs Do I Need?

To get an accurate total, we break down the people who need programs individually.

Every Guest

The number of guests is the first amount you get for the programs and how many you need to print. You need at least one program for every guest, but it’s always good to print a few extra ones. Depending on the size of your wedding, we recommend printing an additional 30 to 40 programs just to be safe.

Participants in the Ceremony

Anyone participating in the ceremony will also need a program. It’s common to overlook this number because most people are more focused on the guests at a wedding than the bridal party.

However, the participants need to know the timing of things as well. Imagine being a groomsman and having no idea when you’re supposed to stand on the stage or a ring bearer unaware of when to bring the ring.

Priests and other ceremony hosts will need programs as well. They guide the participants throughout the marriage process and need a distinct time schedule on when everything should happen.

Remember, you might not be the only wedding they are conducting that day, and they might need to watch the clock throughout the ceremony. That’s why it’s especially important to have scheduled times for each event on the program as well.

Do Children Need Wedding Programs?

Giving a child a wedding program can go a long way towards keeping them quiet and behaved. First of all, they will feel responsible because they are receiving the same service as adults. Second, they can focus on the time schedule so they don’t get rambunctious during the slower parts of the ceremony.

We recommend printing programs for children over the age of five that can read. Any younger children will probably just turn the program into a pacifier or a mess beneath the pews.