How to Direct a Wedding

Weddings mark the start of a new life, the genesis of a new generation, and family relationships’ expansion. Some couples come up with unique ideas for the structure and flow of their ceremony, while others need an expert to help with the task. That’s where you come in as a wedding director.

So, where will you start if your friend requests you to direct their wedding? You may find the task daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, you don’t have to worry. Read our below guide to learn how to direct a wedding.

Schedule A Meeting With The Couple

The meeting with the couple will allow you to gather important information regarding:

  • The plans they have for the wedding
  • The number of people to expect in the ceremony, including the parents, grandparents, groomsmen, bridesmaids, etc.
  • The rehearsal day and time

Conduct A Rehearsal

Practice makes it perfect. Conducting a rehearsal will help you and your crew perfect all steps for the material day.

Note: you should conduct the rehearsal from the venue on which the wedding will happen

Start by confirming with the couple that all the expected parties have arrived, then introduce yourself and welcome all parties to the rehearsal.

Briefly, explain the rehearsal process to the participants and then proceed with the steps below:

Direct Participants To Their Positions

Direct the wedding party to the spots they shall stand at the venue during the wedding. You can use a sticker with their names to mark their positions on the floor to avoid confusion.

Also, place the grandparents, parents, and other close relatives in their appropriate seats.

Start The Processional

Arrange the wedding party, wedding couple, parents, and the officiant in the correct order for the processional. Let the musicians (if present) know the appropriate time for their action. Now, let everyone move down the aisle.

If the bride’s father escorts her, he should hold her in his left arm down the aisle. Additionally, the father and the bride should kiss each other goodbye when the time for the father to sit arrives.

Right after that, the groom should receive the bride on his left arm and then wait for your or the officiant’s directions.

Conduct The Ceremony

It’s now time for you to officiate the wedding or allow the officiant to do so. At this stage, you should ensure that the ring bearer is just within to hand over the rings for vows. After the rings, the officiant should declare the couple as married and allow for pieces of recessional music.

Conduct Recessional

During the recessional, you should train the party to the wedding ceremony to move in discernible patterns with the proper spacing as they dance to the music. Creating beautiful patterns during the recessional will enhance the work of the videographers and the photographers present.

Typically, the best man and the maid of honor should lead the recessional, followed by the party to the wedding, the couple, and finally the parents.

Note: you may have to repeat this process several times until everyone masters their role.

Conduct The Actual Wedding

Remember, the above steps were just for rehearsal.

When the material day arrives, you should follow them to the latter to ensure that the marriage ceremony flows smoothly.