How To Get Your Wedding Published

In today’s hyper-social world, every precious moment is often captured and published for others to share. This can help build memories and include people who couldn’t be involved in the event.

Many people decide that they’d like to publish their wedding, but this can be difficult. If you’ve been interested in publishing your wedding, read on for some tricks and tips on how best to pursue publication.

How To Get Your Wedding Published

The most obvious answer is to look into self-publishing your wedding. If you’ve hired a local photographer or have had a loved one take pictures of your wedding, you likely have plenty of content.

Websites like Instagram are excellent for such picture-based content. Still, this may fail to get to the audience that you’d like to reach. Publication in an established outlet will take preparation, research, and patience.

Earning Publication

If self-publication isn’t for you, you’ll have to apply for publication. This could be with a website, magazine, or even some journals. Consider these following tips as core information on how to get your wedding published.

Deep Research

The first thing I suggest you do is deciding where you’d like to be published. It’s a good idea to have a number of different places that you’d prefer. See what sort of aesthetic appeals to you and have a top five that you’d like to have your wedding published in.

That said, check their submission guidelines, as many places won’t accept simultaneous submissions. Applying to multiple outlets at once can cause publication issues, and most magazines won’t want to publish something another outlet has already published. If you’re submitting to multiple, declare so in your submission.

Prepare Your Content

You’ll want to make sure that what you’re submitting is a high-quality product as well. You won’t be the only person submitting their wedding, so you need to stand out. If you have the technical prowess, ensure that you’re editing your pictures before sending them in.

I would only consider submitting a small selection of your best pictures rather than sending in hundreds at once. If you aren’t able to edit them yourself, be sure that a professional has looked them over to make improvements. If you hired a professional photographer, they likely edited them before sending them over – but may have self-published them already.

Plan While Shooting

Try to take a variety of pictures during your shooting. Horizontal and vertical pictures should be mixed together rather than all solely taken in the same form.

You’ll also want a number of subjects. This provides great variety to your pictures for the publication to look at. That way, no one is looking at what seems to be the same picture over and over.

Take Chances

You never know if you’ll get published until you take the plunge to do so. Take a chance at a place you think might be out of your league – you may end up with a great surprise.

A publication is your chance to share your special day with the world. Give it your best effort and prepare thoroughly to make sure you seize the opportunity.