How to Raise Money for a Wedding

Weddings are one of the most beautiful and most financially draining days most couples will have in their lifetime. Although civil weddings tend to cost less than religious weddings, licenses can still run up to $115 and only go up from there when the honeymoon and other wedding events are considered. 

Using my tips below, you can help minimize the damage done to your bank account and still have a wonderful wedding day. 

Utilize the Gift of Family and Friends

Having a big family has its downfalls, but it can also certainly have benefits. Throwing an engagement party where family and friends can leave gifts of money is a great and low-pressure way to gain some funds for your big day.

While some family members may contribute less than others, this method ensures that guests’ money to you and your significant other goes back into the wedding and to the guests. 

It’s a beautiful full-circle moment that ensures the guests will be happy that they contributed to the wedding day.

If you’re not open to holding a party or event, you can always create an online fundraiser or wishlist and tell your guests you’d prefer they donate towards your wedding in place of bringing gifts to the event if you’re really strapped for cash. 

Sell Away

Getting married is typically the beginning of a couple’s new life together. Often moving into a new house is high up on the bucket list. This phase is where auctions and other forms of sales come in. 

Selling unneeded furniture on craigslist or eBay can be a fast and helpful way to get rid of the extra furniture and gain some much-needed cash. Similarly, picking up an old hobby like jewelry making or knitting scarves and making some extra cash by selling orders like those is another way to boost your wedding fund. 

Unfortunately, If you only have a limited amount of time before the wedding, this method may not be the most efficient due to the unpredictability of furniture or scarf buyers. 

Get Creative

If the engagement party or sales ideas fall through for you, don’t fret! There are many creative ways to keep that wedding money jar filling up. 

Holding a wine tasting event where guests can purchase a bottle of wine is a fun and sophisticated way to get guests excited about coming to your house to donate to your wedding indirectly.

Another example of creative wedding fundraising would be a casino night. Given that you can find a cheap venue and plenty of guests to come, you can charge people for refreshments. Unfortunately, this idea would require a large group of people to gain a lot of money. 

Make a Plan

This final tip to save up for your wedding is not the most fun but can ensure that you’re doing all you can to save for the date. 

Talking to your significant other about cutting back on eating out and shopping less can help you save a couple of extra dollars while improving communication in your relationship. 

Planning a wedding can stress finances and relationships, but this method is a way to limit that stress for a cause that you’ll both be happy about in the near future.