Indian Wedding Card Template

Looking for an Indian wedding card template? We’ve collected the best free templates available online.

If you are getting married in India, then you must have thought of a couple of things to make your wedding special.

An important part of a wedding is giving a unique and special invitation to your guests.

You can be creative and make your personality come out with your invitation card.

Indian wedding card template can be a helpful tool in this process.

Indian Wedding Card Template

Every wedding is unique, from the venue to the flowers, and the same goes for the invitation cards.

Since wedding invitation cards are a huge part of any wedding, because they are the first thing that your guests see related to the wedding, you want them to be unique, and to reflect the overall theme of the wedding.

In order to create the best invitation card for an Indian wedding, it is important to choose the right design.

You can do that by using an Indian wedding card template, and create your perfect wedding invitation!

Indian Wedding Card Template 101

What is an Indian wedding card template?

An Indian wedding invitation template is a colorful card that is used to inform people about a wedding ceremony in India.

Why is an Indian wedding card template important?

Using a wedding invitation template that is appropriate for an Indian wedding makes the wedding invitation process easier and reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

What should be included in an Indian wedding card template?

An Indian wedding card template should include the name of the bride and groom with the date of their wedding, and the wedding location.

Hindu wedding invitation template

Don’t worry too much about what to include in your spreadsheet.

Here are a collection of useful Indian wedding card templates to use for inspiration:

Indian wedding card images

With these beautiful Indian wedding invites, you may tie the knot with style.

Indian wedding invites may be found in a variety of brilliant colors and beautiful designs, allowing you to set the scene for your big day with a dash of timeless elegance.

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Indian Wedding Card FAQs

How can I make wedding card in India stand out?

  • Use a wax seal to close the envelope.
  • You can also seal it with a customized sticker.
  • Add a laser cut pocket for the inserts.
  • Instead of having a pocket, tie everything together with a beautiful string or ribbon.
  • Have the inside of the envelope in a different color or color patterns.
  • Have a different outer envelope flap.
  • Create a customized stamp on the front.
  • Create a stylish address label.

How are names written on an invitation card in India?

  • If the invitation is being sent from the bride’s side, the bride’s name will appear on top.
  • If it comes from the groom’s side, the groom’s name should come first.
  • If the couple is using the same invitation from both sides of the family, the bride’s name should be placed first.

How much can I expect to pay for Indian wedding invitations?

Indian wedding invites may cost as little as $2.05 and as much as $3.96.

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