Types of White Flowers for Your Dream Wedding

Are you planning a wedding and looking for the perfect type of white flower to complete your vision? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best types of white flowers available so that you can find something that suits your style.

From roses to lilies, daisies to carnations, there are plenty of beautiful options when it comes to finding the right type of white flowers for your wedding. Whether you prefer classic blooms or something more modern and unique, this guide will help make sure all eyes are on you as soon as those petals start opening up.

Read on for our breakdown on each variety’s characteristics – from size and scent to cost and availability – so that choosing between them is easy-peasy.

Types of White Flowers For Wedding


Roses are a timeless choice for weddings, and come in many varieties. There’s something special about white roses that makes them the perfect flower to use in your wedding arrangements. Whether you’re looking for an elegant cascade of blooms or a simple bouquet, there is sure to be a variety of white rose that will fit your needs.

Varieties of Roses: White roses come in many shapes and sizes, from tiny buds to large full-blown blossoms. Some popular varieties include Avalanche, White O’Hara, Iceberg, Moonstone and Blushing Bride. Each type has its own unique characteristics like petal shape and size as well as fragrance strength.

Popular Colors of Roses: While white is the classic color for wedding flowers, there are other shades available too such as ivory or cream which can add subtle touches of color without detracting from the overall look. For those who want more drama with their floral displays blush pink roses can also be used alongside whites to create stunning effects.

When selecting roses, it is important to consider factors such as seasonality (some types may not be available year-round), budget (some varieties may cost more than others) and size (large blooms require more stems). It is also helpful to have an idea of how you would like them arranged before making any purchases so that you know exactly what kind of effect you are aiming for on the day itself.

Roses are a classic choice for wedding flowers, and can come in a variety of colors to fit any theme. Peonies offer an equally beautiful option with their large blooms and delicate petals.


Peonies are a romantic flower that make a beautiful addition to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece. There are several varieties of peonies available, each with its own unique characteristics and beauty.

Varieties of Peonies: The most popular type of peony is the white garden peony, which has large, fragrant blooms in shades ranging from pure white to cream. Other types include tree peonies, which have larger flowers than garden peonies; Itoh hybrids, which are crosses between tree and herbaceous varieties; and intersectional hybrids, which combine both species for an even wider range of colors and shapes.

Popular Colors of Peonies: White is the most popular color for bridal bouquets because it symbolizes purity and innocence. However, there are many other colors available including pink (which represents love), red (passion), yellow (friendship) and lavender (grace). Some varieties also come in two-tone combinations such as pink/white or red/white for added interest.

When selecting your perfect bloom, consider size first; smaller buds will open more quickly while larger ones may take longer but will last longer when cut. Also look at the petals; they should be tightly closed if you want them to last through your ceremony without wilting too soon. Finally, check out the stem length; shorter stems can be easier to work with, but if you’re looking for drama then go with something taller.

Peonies are a beautiful and timeless choice for weddings, with a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. Lilies offer another classic option for your wedding bouquet, each with its own unique beauty.


Lilies are a classic and timeless choice for weddings. White lilies symbolize purity, innocence, and beauty – perfect for your special day. There are many varieties of white lilies available, each with its own unique characteristics.

Varieties of Lilies: The most popular variety of white lily is the Casablanca Lily. This large flower has long petals that curl outward at the edges to create an elegant look. Other varieties include Stargazer Lilies, which have bold pink streaks on their petals; Madonna Lilies, which feature delicate ruffled petals; and Calla Lillies, which come in a wide range of colors from bright yellow to deep purple.

Popular Colors of Lilies: While white is the traditional color for wedding flowers, there are other shades available as well. Pale pink or blush-colored lilies can add a romantic touch to any bouquet or centerpiece arrangement. For something more vibrant and eye-catching try orange or yellow calla lillies paired with white roses or daisies for contrast.

When selecting your wedding flowers it is important to consider how they will be used in your arrangements, such as cascading down from tall vases or arranged in low centerpieces on tables, so you can choose the right size and shape of blooms accordingly. Additionally, think about where they will be placed in relation to other decorations such as candles or lights so that they do not get lost among all the other elements in your décor scheme. Finally, keep an eye out for signs of wilting when buying fresh cut flowers; this could indicate poor quality stems that may not last through your big day.

Lilies are a beautiful, timeless flower choice for weddings and come in many varieties and colors. They can be used as a main focus or an accent flower, making them versatile enough to fit any wedding theme. Next up is daisies – another popular white flower option with plenty of variety.


White daisies are a cheerful option for weddings, and come in many varieties. From classic white Shasta daisies to bright Gerbera daisies, there’s something to suit every wedding style. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of white daisies available, popular colors, and tips for choosing the perfect ones for your special day.

There are several varieties of white daisy flowers that can be used in bouquets or as decorations at your wedding venue. The most common type is the Shasta Daisy with its simple yet elegant look. Other options include Gerbera Daisies which have larger petals than Shastas and come in shades from pure white to creamy yellow; Pompon Daises which feature small tightly packed petals; Spider Daises which have long thin petals giving them an exotic look; and Anemone-flowered Daises which feature double rows of petals around a central disc.

Popular Colors of Daisies: While traditional white is always a popular choice when it comes to selecting flowers for your wedding, there are also other colors available if you want something more unique or vibrant. Popular color choices include soft pastels like pink or lavender as well as bolder hues such as red or orange. You can even mix two colors together like pink and yellow for a truly eye-catching effect.

When selecting your daisy flowers, consider their size – smaller blooms will work better in bouquets while larger ones make great centerpieces on tables or around archways at outdoor venues. Also think about how they will coordinate with other elements such as table linens and bridesmaid dresses so everything looks cohesive on the big day. Finally, keep in mind that some varieties may not last very long once cut, so make sure you get enough extra stems just in case any start wilting before the ceremony begins.

Daisies are a popular choice for weddings due to their cheerful appearance and wide variety of colors. Carnations offer similar advantages, with even more varieties to choose from.


Carnations are a classic choice for weddings, and come in many varieties. White carnations are particularly popular for wedding bouquets and decorations due to their timeless beauty. Let’s take a look at the different types of white carnations available, popular colors, and tips for choosing the perfect ones for your special day.

Varieties of Carnations: There are several varieties of white carnations available, each with its own unique characteristics. The most common type is the standard carnation which has a single row of petals that form an open bloom. Other varieties include spray or pom-pom carnations which have multiple rows of petals creating a fuller bloom; mini-carnations which have smaller blooms; and double or fringed carnations which have two layers of petals forming an even fuller bloom.

Popular Colors Of Carnations: While white is the traditional color choice when it comes to wedding flowers, there are other shades you can choose from as well such as ivory, cream, blush pink or pale yellow if you want something more subtle than pure white. You can also mix and match different shades to create interesting combinations like ivory and blush pink or cream and pale yellow.

When selecting your flowers, make sure they are fresh by checking that they do not have any brown spots on them before buying. Also consider how long they will last; some types may not last as long as others, so keep this in mind when making your selection. Finally, think about how much space you need – if you are looking to fill up large areas then opt for larger blooms like double or fringed carnations, while smaller spaces would be better suited with mini-carnation arrangements.

FAQs in Relation to Types of White Flowers for Wedding

What white flowers are used in wedding bouquets?

White flowers are a popular choice for wedding bouquets, as they symbolize purity and innocence. Common white flowers used in wedding bouquets include roses, lilies, daisies, carnations, baby’s breath, stephanotis and orchids. White tulips and hydrangeas are also frequently seen in bridal arrangements. Other less common options include peonies, anemones and ranunculus. Depending on the desired look of the bouquet, some couples may opt to mix white blooms with other colors such as pink or yellow for a more vibrant arrangement.

Are white flowers OK for a wedding?

White flowers are a popular choice for weddings, as they can be used to create an elegant and timeless look. They can also represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings. However, it is important to note that white flowers may not be suitable for all wedding themes or color schemes. It is best to consider the overall aesthetic of your wedding before making any decisions about flower choices. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not white flowers are appropriate for your wedding should depend on personal preference and the desired look you wish to achieve.

What flowers are commonly used for weddings?

The most popular flowers used in weddings are roses, lilies, daisies, carnations and hydrangeas. Roses are the traditional choice for a wedding bouquet due to their romantic connotations. Lilies symbolize purity and innocence while daisies represent loyalty and faithfulness. Carnations have long been associated with love and marriage while hydrangeas add a touch of elegance to any arrangement. Other popular blooms include tulips, orchids, chrysanthemums and sunflowers. No matter what type of flower you choose for your special day, it will be sure to make your wedding beautiful.

What is the most elegant white flower?

The most elegant white flower is the gardenia. Its fragrant, creamy-white blooms are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece. Gardenias also have a long vase life, making them an ideal choice for decorating your special day. The delicate petals and subtle scent make this flower a timeless classic that will never go out of style.