12th Year Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a great 12th anniversary gift or ways to celebrate your marriage? To help, we researched the best gift ideas out there (for him + her) and created this list.

12th Wedding Anniversary: Everything you NEED to Know

12th Wedding Anniversary Traditions

  • Traditional Gift – Silk/ Linen / Home Decor
  • Contemporary/Modern Gift – Pearls
  • Gemstone – Jade
  • Flower – Peony
  • Color – Oyster White

Let’s look at these in more detail:

12th Anniversary Traditional Gift – Silk/ Linen / Home Decor

A traditional eighth anniversary gift is linen or silk. Both practical and highly elegant gifts could be given made from woven fabrics. Linen is revered. It’s used in churches, after all. Getting your spouse a linen gift is an excellent way to show thankfulness. Custom made linens with your family name, apparel, pillow cases with your names, aprons, table clothes, bed sheets, blankets or just simple custom made towels, all make amazing gifts for 3rd wedding anniversary.

On the other hand, silk is connected to opulence and romance. Silk custom-made night robes, bed linens, shirts or dresses are excellent ways to reassure your partner after all of life’s twists and turns, and tell them you want to smoothen things out.

Home Decor is another great option for the traditionally given gift.

Relexome White Ceramic Flower Vases Set of 3 for Decor Boho Vases for Pampas Grass etc

Transform your home into a stunning oasis with the Relexome White Ceramic Flower Vases Set of 3. These sleek and stylish vases are perfect for displaying pampas grass, flowers, or any other decorative elements you desire. Treat yourself or surprise your loved one with this fantastic gift that will add a touch of boho elegance to any space and make your home look absolutely fantastic on your wedding anniversary milestone.

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12th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift – Pearls

The most precious and oldest gem is the pearl. It is associated with purity, faith, beauty, honesty, and innocence. A marriage requires these qualities in order to thrive. Pearls come in a variety of forms and colors with various meanings, like purity and sincerity. This exquisite, precious white sphere is formed from a grain of sand that’s trapped in an oyster’s shell, and it’s used for jewellery. The pearl is a sign of perfection and incorruptibility, as well as longevity. Pearls are a popular choice for anniversary gifts, especially for ladies – earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all excellent options.

925 Sterling Silver Earrings 8mm AAAA Real Pearl Open Hoop

Elevate your style with these chic Real Pearl Earrings crafted in solid 925 Sterling Silver. The fun and eye-catching design feature a round pearl floating on an oval-shaped earring, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. The minimalist style embodies timeless beauty and complements any fashion without overpowering it, showcasing the beauty found in simplicity. Celebrate your wedding anniversary with this stunning accessory that radiates sophistication and captures the essence of enduring love.

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12th Anniversary Gemstone – Jade

This attractive mineral was utilised in Asian art, and it may also be found in jewellery, tools, and sculptures. It is quite durable and comes in a variety of colors, including white, lavender, yellow, blue, black, red, orange, and grey. Jade’s qualities allow it to be given in a variety of ways. However, it is an excellent gift as just jewelry. Those interested in sculpture, particularly of oriental origin or inspiration, may really like an item made of this gemstone. The Chinese have regarded jade as a protective stone that removes bad luck from a person’s life. Jade represents longevity, loyalty, security, and love.

Green Jade Gemstone Ring Handcrafted

Embrace the beauty of nature with this Natural Green Jade Ring, handcrafted to order in your size. Available in Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, and Solid 14k Gold, this exquisite ring allows you to choose the perfect material to suit your style. The vibrant green jade stone adds a touch of elegance and symbolism to your wedding anniversary celebration, making this custom-made ring a treasured and meaningful gift choice.

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12th Anniversary Flower – Peony

The peony is the 12th anniversary flower. The peony has more than just a stunning blossom; it is also used as a symbol of love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty. It is given on special occasions as a gesture of best wishes and goodwill. Giving just one peony means compassion.

Pretty Pink Peonies - Deluxe. By From You Flowers

Surprise your loved one with the enchanting beauty of the Pretty Pink Peonies Deluxe Bouquet from From You Flowers. Featuring 15 exquisite peonies, this bouquet is a perfect anniversary gift that embodies grace and elegance. The captivating pink blooms will fill the air with romance and create a memorable celebration of your special milestone.

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12th Anniversary Colour – Oyster White or Opal

Oyster white is a greyish-white color. White is a color that represents purity and innocence. White has several other meanings, such as freshness, and simplicity. It is the symbol of truth, and it is the ideal foil – the contrast against which all other colours appear more vibrant.

Opal is another stunning option associated with the 12th anniversary.

Opal Pendant Gold Filled Fire Opal Gemstones Handmade

Make a statement with the stunning Raw Opal Necklace featuring a fashionable paperclip chain. This one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece showcases the finest quality materials, with a raw opal that adds a touch of natural beauty and uniqueness. Perfect as a 12th-anniversary gift, this necklace captures the essence of love and beauty, making it a cherished symbol of your enduring relationship.

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How to Celebrate a 12th Anniversary

This anniversary is a chance for you and your spouse to enjoy some luxury and pleasure. A trip through Asia’s silk trade routes is a lavish way to commemorate your wedding, but it’s also rewarding and memorable. If you have the time and money, go for it! If not, giving her silk lingerie or silk boxer shorts (for him) is a great compromise.

12th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Here are some different ways to celebrate your 12th wedding anniversary:

  1. Skydiving and parachute jumps.
  2. Luxury spa day.
  3. An experience of art and culture.
  4. Design your own perfume experience for two.
  5. Luxury spa day for two.

12th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas to celebrate a 12th year anniversary? Here’s some ideas:

Linen is a modern gift for the 12th year. Clothing would be an excellent option, especially if your anniversary falls during the summer months.

The gemstone for this anniversary is jade, which is thought of as a sign of goodness and beauty. Jade has a wide range of jewellery gift alternatives for couples celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary. What about jade cufflinks for him and a lovely jade necklace for her?

12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

12th Wedding Anniversary FAQs

Got questions about your 12th year wedding anniversary? We’ve got you covered:

What is the 12th wedding anniversary called?

The 12th wedding anniversary is called the Silk and Fine Linen Anniversary.

What is the 12th wedding anniversary gemstone?

Jade is the 12th wedding anniversary gemstone.

What is the 12th wedding anniversary symbol?

Silk and fine linen are 12th wedding anniversary symbols.

What is the 12th wedding anniversary color?

Oyster White is the color associated with the 12th wedding anniversary.

What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 12th wedding anniversary?

The traditional gift for the 12th wedding anniversary is silk and linen, and the modern gift is pearls.

What is the 12th year anniversary flower?

The Peony is the traditional flower for the 12th wedding anniversary, and it symbolizes wealth, good fortune, love, and honor.