16th Year Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a great 16th anniversary gift or ways to celebrate your marriage? To help, we researched the best gift ideas out there (for him + her) and created this list.

16th Wedding Anniversary: Everything you NEED to know

16th Wedding Anniversary Traditions

  • Traditional Gift – Wax
  • Contemporary/Modern Gift – Silver Holloware
  • Gemstone – Peridot
  • Flower – Pink Rose/Statice
  • Color – Emerald Green or Silver

Let’s look at these in more detail:

16th Anniversary Traditional Gift – Wax

Wax is the traditional gift for the 16th anniversary. It looks difficult to shop for at first, but with a bit of imagination, you’ll be able to find amazing gifts. One of the ideas is to give a luxurious scented candle to your spouse or a candle-making kit. It’s a thoughtful present that will endure long after the guests have gone home.

Candle Flowers in Dough Bowl Floral Handmade

Brighten your special day with this handmade, floral-themed 100% soy wax candle nestled in a 14oz wooden bowl. It's more than just a candle - it's an enchanting centerpiece hand-poured with love in Pennsylvania, and it's ready to fill your home with warmth. It's the perfect gift to celebrate a memorable anniversary and keep the flame of love burning brightly.

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16th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift – Silver Holloware

Generally, this means silver containers and receptacles such as bowls, tea pots, trays, pitchers and the like. Silver holloware represents unity since you’ll enjoy them while dining together to celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary. Generally, this means silver containers and receptacles such as bowls, tea pots, trays, pitchers – anything related to the dinner table that isn’t silverware.

Beatriz Ball Giftables Silver Pineapple Mini Bowl

Elevate your anniversary gift game with the Beatriz Ball Giftables Silver Pineapple Mini Bowl. It's a charming piece of silver holloware, boasting a playful pineapple design that brings a touch of tropical elegance to any decor. It's not just a bowl, it's a sparkling symbol of hospitality and love!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2023 09:48 pm GMT

16th Anniversary Gemstone – Peridot

Peridot, the bright green color of nature, is associated with harmony, good health, restful sleep, and peacefulness. Known as the stone of compassion, peridot has a calming effect that renews things. When set in gold, this is said to protect the wearer from bad dreams.

Pear Shaped Peridot Ring Silver by LUO

Add a touch of sparkle to your anniversary with this stunning, pear-shaped Peridot ring by LUO. You have the luxury of choosing your preferred setting - be it silver, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. It's a vibrant, personal gift that mirrors the enduring love you share.

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16th Anniversary Flower – Pink Rose/Statice

Pink roses are used to show your appreciation for someone’s grace, elegance, or femininity. Pink colors tend to convey admiration, however, pale pinks are frequently employed to portray respect and gentleness.

Ma Chère Rose Pink Bouquet at From You Flowers

Ignite the romance with the Ma Chère Rose Pink Bouquet from "From You Flowers". This captivating collection of plush pink roses is sure to make your loved one's heart flutter. It's an anniversary gift that blossoms with affection, promising to make your special day even more memorable.

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The statice is a simple-to-grow, attractive flower that is commonly used in floral displays or as borders. They are frequently used in dried arrangements. Statice is also a symbol of memory and remembrance, owing to its long-lasting flowers.

16th Anniversary Colour – Emerald Green or Silver

Emeralds, known for their deep, vibrant green hue, are often associated with rebirth, renewal, and growth, echoing the richness of life itself. Traditionally, these captivating gems symbolize wisdom, abundance, and foresight, infusing love with clarity and a profound sense of unity. Gifting an emerald on your anniversary speaks volumes of your enduring love and the continuous growth of your relationship.

Ombre Ring Green Stacking Ring Unique Gemstone Ring

Radiate the joy of your anniversary with this unique green ombre ring, a colorful symphony of green gemstones in an eye-catching ombre pattern. Each gem - hiddenite, prasiolite, peridot, green tourmaline, emerald, and even green garnet - sparkles with its own shade of green, bringing an enchanting glow to your finger. This isn't just a ring, it's a wearable celebration of your love, as diverse and vibrant as the gems it carries.

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Silver is said to reflect the soul, allowing us to see ourselves as others see us. Silver is associated with hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystical experiences, tenderness, compassion, and sensitivity. In alchemy, silver is one of the noble metals, and to the wearer, it is said to send messages of focus and strength of purpose.

How to Celebrate a 16th Anniversary

Sweet 16 all over again! What a fantastic wedding anniversary to reclaim your past and relive the adventure of being 16 again: young, energetic, care-free, and happily acquainted with the infinitude of marital delights.

16th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Here are some different ways to celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary:

  1. Luxury afternoon coffee or tea (with cupcakes) for two.
  2. Arrange a surprise weekend away at a historic hotel.
  3. Sailing day for two or the whole family.
  4. Enjoy a brewery tour and beer tasting.
  5. Take pottery lessons together and create your own timeless pieces.
  6. Rent a large yacht and invite friends and family to a celebration party on the water.
  7. Head to Rome for the weekend and visit the city’s Roseto di Roma rose garden.

16th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas to celebrate a 16th year anniversary? Here’s some ideas:

If gift givers want to give something special to their loved ones on the 16th wedding anniversary, they should look to traditional gift lists. However, the 16th wedding anniversary is not the only of the years with a famous theme. Nevertheless, there is a designated material associated with 16 years of marriage: silver holloware and wax. Elegant and luxurious, these gifts will last long in the couple’s home.

If you love the idea of gifting your family a silver plate present, consider a beautiful serving tray or a silver coffee pot or tea set. A great idea would be a beautiful stainless steel ice bucket with a bottle of excellent champagne.

16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

16th Wedding Anniversary FAQs

Got questions about your 16th year wedding anniversary? We’ve got you covered:

What is the 16th wedding anniversary called?

Although the 16th wedding anniversary does not have a traditional name, it is known as the “Sweet 16”.

What is the 16th wedding anniversary gemstone?

Peridot is the 16th wedding anniversary gemstone, one of the few gemstones occurring in only one color – green.

What is the 16th wedding anniversary symbol?

The 16th wedding anniversary doesn’t have any symbols associated with it.

What is the 16th wedding anniversary color?

Silver is the color associated with the 16th wedding anniversary.

What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 16th wedding anniversary?

Wax is a traditional gift, while silver holloware are the modern gift for a 16th wedding anniversary.

What is the 16th year anniversary flower?

Pink roses and statice are the 16th wedding anniversary flowers.