17th Year Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a great 17th anniversary gift or ways to celebrate your marriage? To help, we researched the best gift ideas out there (for him + her) and created this list.

17th Wedding Anniversary: Everything you NEED to know

17th Wedding Anniversary Traditions

  • Traditional Gift – Furniture
  • Contemporary/Modern Gift – Furniture
  • Gemstone – Carnelian
  • Flower – Red Carnation
  • Colour – Yellow

Let’s look at these in more detail:

17th Anniversary Traditional Gift – Furniture

Furniture is the traditional gift for the 17th wedding anniversary. The style of the furniture does not have to be traditional or modern. Choose something that complements your preferences, hobbies, and interests as a couple. Wood, metal, plastic, and glass are just a few of the many materials used to create furniture, and materials to choose from.

17th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift – Furniture/ Shell Roses

Furniture is also the modern gift for 17th wedding anniversary.

17th Anniversary Gemstone – Carnelian

The red hues of Carnelian are associated with fiery passion, warmth, and a lingering joy. It’s regarded as a stone of bravery, perseverance, vitality, leadership, and motivation. Carnelians have always mesmerised us thanks to their brilliant colour.

17th Anniversary Flower – Red Carnation

Light red carnations are a symbol of admiration, while love and affection are represented by dark red carnations.

17th Anniversary Colour – Yellow

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, smiling faces, and sunflowers. It’s a cheerful, youthful colour full of optimism. It is also associated with enlightenment, creativity, and spring.

How to Celebrate a 17th Anniversary

This is a great way to surprise your loved one and take them away on a romantic getaway. What about hiring an open-top vehicle and going on a little trip to the countryside? If you’d rather spend your 17th wedding anniversary at home, consider purchasing a state-of-the-art marital bed for the two of you to cuddle up in after dinner. And, without a doubt, the most essential item of furniture in the house is a bed!

17th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Here are some different ways to celebrate your 17th wedding anniversary:

  1. Bake an anniversary cake together.
  2. Set relationship goals for the next year.
  3. Do a scavenger hunt.
  4. Scenic car or train journey.

17th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas to celebrate a 17th year anniversary? Here’s some ideas:

The 17th anniversary gift is furniture, which symbolises stability and a good investment, just like your relationship. Nonetheless, choosing thoughtful anniversary gift ideas might be difficult. You might want something that both of you can enjoy or a one-of-a-kind item just for your spouse. Maybe it would be a good idea to consider the décor of your house before purchasing this years anniversary gift to ensure it complements your current furnishings. And if you’re shopping for a couple, put some extra thought into it because everyone has unique preferences.

17th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

17th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

17th Wedding Anniversary FAQs

Got questions about your 17th year wedding anniversary? We’ve got you covered:

What is the 17th wedding anniversary called?

The 17th wedding anniversary does not have a traditional symbolic name, however it could be referred to as the Furniture Anniversary.

What is the 17th wedding anniversary gemstone?

Carnelian is the anniversary gemstone for the 17th wedding anniversary. Its colours range from dark yellow to light brown. It is also recognised as a stone of courage, perseverance, energy, leadership, and motivation.

What is the 17th wedding anniversary symbol?

There is no special symbol for a 17th wedding anniversary, although the modern gift is furniture, which can be a helpful guide as to what to give.

What is the 17th wedding anniversary colour?

Yellow is the 17th wedding anniversary colour.

What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 17th wedding anniversary?

Traditional and modern gift for a 17th wedding anniversary is furniture.

What is the 17th year anniversary flower?

The 17th wedding anniversary flower is the red carnation, the symbol of love and affection.