Wedding Envelope Template

Looking for a wedding envelope template? We’ve collected the best free templates available online.

Getting married is a very exciting time!

Even though checking all the wedding related stuff can sometimes be time consuming it can also make you very happy.

You probably want everything to be beautiful and perfect and the same goes for the little details.

One of those details are for sure your wedding envelopes.

A wedding envelope template that you can customize can help you achieve that.

Wedding Envelope Template

When planning a wedding it’s important to know what you and your partner want, and then start working toward that vision.

Some people have everything planned to the smallest detail years before the big day, but if you are not one of those people, don’t worry 🙂

Sometimes setting a general theme for your wedding party is enough for all other pieces to fall into place.

When you have decided on the theme it is easier to look for things that will match it, like the seemingly not so important details like your wedding envelope.

However, those little details can be, among other things, what separates your wedding from every other wedding out there and shows your guests that you have really put in effort into organizing the event, and how much it means to you.

Using a wedding envelope template is a great tool for designing your wedding envelope for free.

Wedding Envelope Template 101

What is a wedding envelope template?

The wedding envelope template is a wedding envelope design that allows you to easily add name, date, time and location to your envelopes when sending out your wedding invitations.

Why is a wedding envelope template important?

It is important because it allows you the freedom of customizing the decorations of your envelopes, and it is free so you get to save money since weddings are usually expensive.

What should be included in a wedding envelope template?

A wedding envelope template should include empty spaces for your names, and the return address.

Wedding Invite Address Template

Don’t worry too much about what to include in your spreadsheet.

Here are a collection of useful wedding envelope templates to use for inspiration:

A7 envelope template

It’s a waste of money to have your wedding invitations addressed by a professional calligrapher.

Why not use this envelope template that you may print at home instead of using your credit card?

Get the spreadsheet →

Return address wedding envelope templates

You may save money by using an envelope template instead of going out and buying envelopes.

These are great for wedding invitations!

Once you’ve created a few envelopes, you’ll be able to produce a large number of them in a short period of time – they are rather easy to make.

Get the spreadsheet →

Envelope templates

Add a personal touch to your card or invitation by printing a bespoke envelope from your home printer.

Once you’ve selected a design and envelope size, just download it and print it out.

Choosing the right template might be the most difficult part of this task given the wide variety of designs available.

Get the spreadsheet →

Wedding Envelope FAQs

What do you write on wedding envelopes?

  • Formal names should be used (no nicknames)
  • The inclusion of a middle name is optional, but it must be spelt properly (no initials)
  • All terms like “apartment,” “avenue,” “street,” etc., should be spelled out
  • Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Jr. may all be abbreviated
  • Include formal titles like “Doctor” or “Professor” in your writing

Does Google docs have an envelope template?

Even though Google Docs has envelope templates, they don’t make creating one an easy process.

Paper size is the most important factor when creating envelopes, and for this purpose we will use an add-on.

  • Create a new Google Doc.
  • From the menu select Add-ons > Get add-ons.
  • Search for an add-on like Set A* Page Size.
  • Select it when it lists and then choose Install followed by Continue.
  • Close the install confirmation box and add-on window.
  • Open the document you wish to use as the envelope .
  • Go to the Add-ons menu, but this time choose Set A* Page Size to see a full list of all the supported paper sizes.
  • Select one of the sizes to transform the document immediately. You’ll need to know what your envelope size is so you can match it in millimeters.

What kind of envelope do you use for wedding invitations?

Although A7 (5.25 x 7.25) is the most typical envelope size for wedding invitations, there are many different options to choose from.

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Think I’ve missed a wedding envelope template? Or maybe you’ve made your own that isn’t on the list? Just let me know and I’ll add it.

Remember, I didn’t make any of these things, I just collected them. So please thank the creators themselves if you find them useful for your wedding 🙂

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