Wedding Program Fans Template

Looking for a wedding program fans template? We’ve collected the best free templates available online.

Wedding program fans templates are the best way to show off your wedding program design skills!

They are also a great way to turn your wedding program into a lovely keepsake.

Wedding Program Fans Template

Whether they serve as a decorative item to display or a way to keep track of all the information from the wedding, they’re a necessary part of the reception.

However, they are the best if you are having an outdoor or summer wedding.

You could help guests beat the heat by providing wedding program fans that you made.

Use a wedding program fans template to help you make the ones that would suit you the best.

Wedding Program Fans Template 101

What is a wedding program fans template?

A wedding program fans template is a sample document that helps you make a custom wedding program that your guests can cool off with.

Why is a wedding program fans template important?

A wedding program fans template is important because it helps you achieve the design and look that you want.

What should be included in a wedding program fans template?

Wedding program template should include important information about the wedding like the names of the bride and groom, their parents and the time and place of the wedding, the wedding party and their roles etc.

Wedding Program Fan Template

Don’t worry too much about what to include in your spreadsheet.

Here are a collection of useful wedding program fans templates to use for inspiration:

Program fan templates

There are a variety of reasons to consider using program fans for your wedding.

They are great if you have an outdoor wedding, are being married in a crowded setting, or simply enjoy the notion of having your wedding program on a stick.

Get the spreadsheet →

Wedding Program Fans FAQs

What type of paper is used for fans?

When printing two-sided fans on a home inkjet printer use 65lb-80lb paper.

When printing a one-sided fan, you should purchase it from a quality printer and request at least 110lb paper.

Do people do wedding programs anymore?

The use of programs is optional, but if you do decide to have them, be sure you print enough to ensure that each visitor has their own.

They’re a terrific method to tell your guests about the bridal party and any customs or religious aspects of the ceremony that they may not be familiar with.

How much does it cost to make wedding programs?

Wedding programs may cost anything from $100 to more than $500.

125 copies of the wedding program on Minted would cost $350.

Also, unlike wedding invitations, where you would send one to each home, you will need one wedding program for each person attending the wedding.

How do you list divorced parents on wedding program?

Divorced parents should have their names printed on separate lines without the conjunction “and”.

The mother always comes first.

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