Wedding Rehearsal Checklist

Looking for a wedding rehearsal checklist? We’ve collected the best free templates available online.
The biggest day of your life is quickly approaching, and you’ve got it planned down to the last detail.

Even though there is no rule saying that you must have a wedding rehearsal, many couples choose to have it.

Each component of the ceremony, from the processional to the recessional, will be discussed with the wedding officiant, venue management, or wedding planner/coordinator.

Since many people are involved, it is important to plan ahead and using a wedding rehearsal checklist can help you get to that day stress free.

Wedding Rehearsal Checklist

Like we said, wedding rehearsals are not a must, but if you decide to have one make sure everything goes in a perfect order.

Since, at that point, you will have a lot on your mind, perhaps consider a wedding rehearsal checklist.

If the rehearsal goes well, chances are the wedding will also be top notch!

Wedding Rehearsal Checklist 101

What is a wedding rehearsal checklist?

A wedding rehearsal checklist is a complete written practice run of your wedding ceremony from start to finish.

Why is a wedding rehearsal checklist important?

A wedding rehearsal checklist is important because it helps you make sure you cover all the important aspects of the upcoming wedding.

What should be included in a wedding rehearsal checklist?

A wedding rehearsal checklist should include a list of guests who will be invited to the rehearsal, a practice ceremony, a practice recessional, a practice processional etc.

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal Checklist

Don’t worry too much about what to include in your checklist.

Here are a collection of useful wedding rehearsal checklists to use for inspiration:

Ceremony rehearsal checklist

Are you concerned you’ll forget something important on your wedding day?

Here you will find the wedding rehearsal checklist printable that is sure to help you remember everything you feel is important.

Get the checklist →

Wedding Rehearsal Checklist PDFs

Wedding Rehearsal FAQs

What do you do at a wedding rehearsal?

In the course of the wedding rehearsal, you will do a full practice run of your wedding ceremony at the actual venue.

Everyone at your ceremony will have a better understanding of the flow of the event if you do this.

How long does wedding rehearsal take?

A wedding rehearsal takes about 45 minutes.

Who is involved in a wedding rehearsal?

The rehearsal should attend the bride and groom, their parents and officiant, the wedding party (including any kid attendants and readers), and other guests (if they are actively taking part).

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