What Does a Black Wedding Ring Mean?

What does a black wedding ring mean? From color and ring symbolism to historical backgrounds, black wedding rings can mean all sorts of different things depending on where you look or who you ask. This means that there really is no singular meaning for black wedding rings. However, I’ll cover some of the more common meanings you might encounter when asking such a question.

The Aesthetic of the Black Ring

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that sometimes a black wedding ring may have no symbolic message behind it if someone wears it simply for the aesthetic. Many people like the look of a black wedding ring because it is different from most other wedding rings and can stand out on practically any hand.

However, for the sake of this article, let’s assume that all black wedding rings have some form of meaning!

The Symbolism of a Wedding Ring

To get to the various meanings of black wedding rings, let’s first take a moment to address the meaning of regular wedding rings.

In the simplest sense, a wedding ring is meant to be a tangible representation of a relationship between a couple. It can be symbolic of a couple’s love for each other, commitment to each other, and everything in between.

Wedding rings can have other meanings that are more nuanced to the individuals wearing them. Still, the core idea often remains the same. They work to show the affection and dedication that two lovers have towards one another.

The Color Black

Setting the ring aspect aside for a moment, when you think of the color black, there are probably several symbolic meanings that already come to mind. The night, darkness, authority, distance, mystery, and stalwart are some prevalent examples. Still, you may be surprised by the many other meanings of the color black.

You can create countless different meanings by taking these ideas associated with the color black and connecting them to marriage. So, in that sense, the scope of a black wedding ring’s meaning can be practically endless.

Meanings of a Black Wedding Ring

Despite the enormous scope of potential meanings, some ideas are still commonly associated with black wedding rings.

As I mentioned earlier, any wedding ring is a sign of commitment. However, a black wedding ring can be viewed as a sign of an unyielding commitment between two individuals.

Another popular meaning that you might come across is a strong romantic connection. This comes from the historical relationship that black rings had to the ancient Greeks, who would use black onyx to craft many kinds of jewelry.

Depending on where you look, black onyx can be symbolic of many negative things. Though for the ancient Greeks, it has ties to more positive qualities, such as the theme of romance, due to the origin of the Greek word onux being related to Cupid.

When asked “what does a black wedding ring mean,” people who associate their black wedding rings with ancient history most likely choose to do so because of the ancient Greeks.

After all, who would want to associate their black wedding rings with misfortunes and sadness?