What Fabric Is Used for Wedding Draping?

The right wedding fabric can transform the aesthetic and atmosphere of your big day in essential ways. If you want to have a wedding that you and your guests will remember forever, consider using two tried and true fabrics; voile and chiffon.

What Fabric Should I Use at My Wedding?

Voile and chiffon are both lightweight fabrics that will lend a romantic air to your wedding. I have used these romantic fabrics as partitions between tables to create an elaborate decoration on the ceiling of my venues. The best part of both is that they layer easily without looking too stuffy.

Wedding Draping Fabric 101

Let’s go into great detail about the two types of fabric for wedding draping.


Voile is a sheer fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily and can stand up to outdoor elements, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor events. Use large voile panels as backdrops or string it in a half-moon formation around the ceiling of your venue. Voile also conducts light well, lending an ethereal look to your reception hall.

Although white voile tends to be pretty popular, you can also use deeper colors without making the venue look small or stuffy. This option is excellent for brides who want to match their decorative draping to their wedding dresses. I’ve found that even very deeply toned voile looks airy and dreamy.

Voile is also flame retardant so that you can decorate with candles to your heart’s content. At only a few dollars a yard, it’s a cost-effective option that will truly transform your hall.


I like chiffon for similar reasons as I like voile. It’s exceptionally lightweight and relatively inexpensive if you buy it at a craft store. Purchase larger bolts of chiffon and play with different layering techniques on your ceiling and walls. It’s also great for creating private spaces and nooks within the reception area itself.

Like voile, chiffon is relatively transparent, and you can match the colors to your wedding party attire. I like using deeply colored chiffon and white chiffon together for a dramatic effect that won’t overwhelm the venue.

Styling the Fabric

Since both of these fabrics are exceptionally lightweight, you can get creative with styling them. Don’t be afraid to hang large strips of chiffon or voile from the ceiling or created paneled alcoves for you and your guests.

If you have an outdoor, rustic wedding, you can use either of these materials to decorate the altar or adorn the sides of an outdoor pavilion.

I’ve even seen brides decorate large panels of voile or chiffon with pictures or inspirational words. These personalized panels can give your wedding a unique and romantic feeling and truly express the sentiment between you and your partner.

I also love incorporating nature into your wedding draping. You can garnish tree branches with large sheets of either of these materials. Since they’re lightweight, they are easy to remove and won’t damage the trees themselves.

Make an inspiration or mood board with all of your ideas, and play around with different aesthetics. I find that this helps me to determine what the best way to use these fabrics is.