What Is A Wishing Well Wedding?

A wishing well wedding is a union among couples who have been living together or had previously been married. This kind of wedding is distinct from other weddings – instead of accepting traditional gifts, a donation box is provided for monetary contributions. 

The idea behind this wedding is that a monetary gift would be more beneficial to the couple than gifts that they are likely not to use.

The Origins Of Wishing Well Weddings

Many cultures worldwide, particularly those in ancient Europe, Africa, and Asia, have always viewed underground springs as a source of sacred water. It was customary to drop gifts in these springs to thank the gods for this life-sustaining providence. 

After the adoption of currencies, these traditional gifts were replaced by coins, and to date, throwing coins in wells is still a widespread custom practiced globally.

When it comes to wishing well weddings, it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment this idea became acceptable among couples tying the knot. Nevertheless, several factors have led to its popularity, especially among couples who have lived together. These include:

  • The need to avoid duplicate gifting
  • The joys of receiving a gift that you can use in a more fulfilling way
  • The flexibility of not having to overfill a home that already has everything you need

The Practicality Of Wishing Well Weddings Today

As a couple planning a wedding, a wishing well comes in handy as it allows you to take better charge of the gifts to expect from your guests. In this age where everything costs money, it is acceptable to send a clear message that a money gift will go a long way in helping you. 

This is because the money collected can be beneficial in many aspects, such as:

  • Financing your honeymoon
  • Helping to ease the burden of wedding-related expenses
  • Aiding a charitable cause or adopt a pet
  • Boosting your savings for that home remodel or mortgage payment

Are Wishing Well Weddings Suitable For Everyone?

While the practicality and growing preference for wishing well weddings is increasing by the day, you can never assume that it suits everyone. 

In fact, there is a lot of prejudice against this kind of wedding as most people feel they need the freedom to determine the type of gifts to offer.

Therefore, you must be ready to walk a tightrope if you want this kind of wedding.

Planning a wishing Well wedding

The number one rule to planning a wishing well wedding is accepting that asking for cash gifts from your guests can make some of them uncomfortable. To make it less stressful, you will need to observe the following points

Have an elegant and discreet approach to ask for cash gifts

You need to carefully choose the wording in your invites to make everyone feel comfortable with the idea of cash in lieu of gifts. A rule of thumb is to make your wedding be the center of attention and let the wishing well be a side item. 

Additionally, you could explain what you plan to use the money on to make your guests more open to giving.

Be grateful and explain how you used the money

Do not be hard on your guests by placing a limit on what they are required to contribute. Let everyone feel comfortable with whatever amount they are willing to give. 

Most importantly, do not forget to send personal thank you notes to all guests to appreciate them and let them know how the money will be or has been used.