What To Ask at Wedding Venue?

Your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate the love between you and your partner.

So many elements go into a wedding that it is difficult to determine a single factor ranks above the rest.

However, very few aspects of your wedding will affect the other elements than your venue.

Here is a comprehensive look at what to ask at wedding venues.

What To Ask at Wedding Venue?

Are you planning your wedding?

If so, you’re likely considering venues.

There are many things to think about when choosing a venue, but one of the most important is what questions to ask.

This blog post will help you determine what’s important to you and what questions to ask potential venues.

So, whether you’re just starting to think about wedding venues or are narrowing down your options, read on for tips!

The Basics

Before you fall in love with a venue, get an idea of the basics of a place. Find out if a spot will be viable for you and the needs of your wedding.

How Much Will It Cost?

Typically, a venue can cost around half of your total budget. Knowing the cost of a venue early on will save you a lot of grief down the road. It is a good idea to know how long the cost covers.

Which Dates Are Available?

Setting your wedding date is the action that sets the rest of the planning into motion. So, often the available dates of a venue may dictate your date or vice versa.

What Styles Does the Venue Facilitate?

If you have a desired wedding theme, choose a venue that can match that theme. In some cases, the ambiance of a venue can help inspire your aesthetic.

How Many Weddings Do You Host Each Day on Average?

Many venues do host multiple weddings each day. It is good to know the number of weddings your venue has each day to understand if there is any overlap you need to keep on your radar. 

What Times Do You Allow?

Find out what times a venue provides for an event. Some will have required quiet hours when you can not host a loud event. If you want a noisy, late-night wedding reception, consider a venue that allows that.

The Logistics

Even if a venue seems perfect within itself, sometimes the way that venue relates to its surroundings may eliminate it from your list. Asking questions about logistics is vital when seeing how a venue will fit into your special day.

How Far Is This Venue From My Separate Ceremony Location?

If you plan a ceremony in a separate location, it is vital to know how far that location would be from the reception venue. Knowing that distance will allow you to understand the level of logistics that you will need to transport you, your wedding party, and your guests. Sometimes, venues too far from each other can be a dealbreaker.

How Many People Will Fit in This Space?

Knowing the capacity of a potential venue will help you see if it will accommodate your guest list. Make sure to count everyone you hire for the wedding in this count. 

What Transportation Is Nearby?

Throwing a wedding requires thoughtfulness about how your guests are getting everywhere. See which options are available for public transit, rideshares, and walking. If you choose a more remote option, you may need to organize a charter bus or a similar mode of transport.

What Accommodations Are Nearby?

When your guests return to their hotels after the wedding, they will be very grateful if you allow them to check in somewhere close to the venue. You should also ask if the venue recommends any of those accommodations.

What Electricity Set-Up Do You Have?

Ask about electricity to make sure it can handle your needs. Consider outdoor lighting if you have an outdoor component for your wedding. If you plan on having a DJ, sound system, or lighting, it is extra important to check on the electricity.

The Look

What to ask at wedding venues goes beyond the look, of course. But that does not mean the look does not matter.

What Spaces Are Available?

Some venues have several spaces available for weddings. It is a good idea to see which spaces are available. As a result, you can pick a space that fits your wedding’s atmosphere.

Which Decorations Are Allowed?

While some venues let you decorate to your heart’s content, others prefer you to hold back on the decor or to only decorate in specific ways.

Can We Rearrange the Furniture?

In some cases, venues prefer you not to rearrange the furniture in the interest of safety or protection of the space.

The Features

Wedding venues can span from a gazebo at a park to the grand ballroom of a five-star hotel. No matter where you have your wedding, it is vital to know what features are at your disposal.

What Services Do You Offer?

Many venues will offer services in addition to the use of the space. Some offer all-inclusive packages that include food, catering services, and decor.

What Restrictions Are There?

Venues can have certain restrictions related to variables such as alcohol, confetti, open flames, and noise restrictions.

The Vendors

The right vendors are what make a wedding great. Ask these questions to ensure your vendor needs fit with your potential venue.

Do You Have Recommended Vendors?

Even if a venue does not provide in-house vendors, they likely work with vendors frequently. As a result, they may be able to recommend vendors to you.

Can We Hire Vendors From Outside the Venues?

Some vendors may require you to hire their in-house vendors. Others will request you work with vendors from an approved list.

When Can Vendors Set Up?

Knowing when your vendors can set up will significantly help organize the day. It is also a good idea to ask about any tear-down protocols.

Does the Space for a Band, Soloists, or DJs?

When you tour the venue, look for facilities that accommodate any performer you want to have at your wedding.

The Money

It may not be fun to talk about, but money is vital in planning a wedding.

Is There a Cancellation and Deposit Policy?

If you feel serious about a venue, ask if you can see a sample contract and ask about cancellation and refund policies. You never want to have to cancel a venue. However, it is a good idea to know about these policies if the need for cancelation arises.

Are There Any Corkage Fees or Similar?

When asking about a venue’s cost, it is vital to know about any unknown fees that can pop up and add up. Some of these fees include corkage fees and cake-cutting fees.

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Some venues will have the liability insurance necessary for an event like a wedding. However, you will need to get some yourself if they do not.