What to Wear To a Civil Wedding

It’s that time of the year again; one of your acquaintances or close friends is getting married, and they invited you to their civil wedding at the courthouse.  

Having been to my fair share of weddings, I agree that choosing what to wear to this long and often socially complicated event isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips that might help make your civil wedding wardrobe a success.

Look at Location

Usually, civil weddings take place within a courthouse. Although many unpleasant events occur in courthouses, a wedding should be one of the highlights of both the couple’s years, so show some color! 

Go for more business within the outfit to balance out the color and avoid making you look like an exotic bird. 

  • A white blouse over a blue or black skirt paired with some pumps and a handbag would be a perfect example of this color and business balance. 
  • Another great example is a colorful pantsuit with a bold necklace and black heels

For guys, a standard colorful button-up and khakis or black dress pants would certainly suffice. 

Just because we wear business casual to our office jobs doesn’t mean that it can’t be an enjoyable outfit. 

Cost Efficiency is Key

The summertime is a lovely time full of pools, sun, and a whole lot of weddings. Buying a new outfit for every wedding you attend is most likely not an option.

It is crucial to make intelligent outfit decisions. Aim to buy clothes that could pass for any kind of wedding. 

For example, you can reuse the same pair of black heels or dress shoes in a civil wedding or a more formal setting. Another great example is the classic black dress. Look for one that is modest enough for a courthouse but elegant enough for a formal event. 

For guys, look for a tux that could pass for business casual wear when the jacket is removed. Remember, you want to look great but not completely broke in the process. 

Accessories Are Our Friends

Choosing accessories for a civil wedding is similar to putting sprinkles on cupcakes. A little goes a long way in accenting the beauty and joy of the cupcake, but too much can completely ruin the taste and look. 

The neckline of whichever outfit you opt for on your wedding day will be the main factor in what kind of accessories you should wear. For example: 

  • If it has a high neckline, choose statement pieces to lengthen your neck by drawing attention to the collarbone area. 
  • If it is a lower cut, choose understated metallics. This look will add a delicate touch of sparkle to your business casual outfit. 
  • For both neckline cases, moderately long metallic earrings fit both a civil wedding or a more formal wedding. 

Men have it easy on this one. A watch not only helps you keep track of time but ties the outfit together and makes you look like you mean business.