When to Send Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination weddings have become a popular way to hold a wedding. This is especially true for smaller parties, as it can be much easier to organize. Destination weddings are so popular that there are about 350,000 annually – roughly 25% of all weddings in the United States each year.

But there’s so much planning that goes into a destination wedding that small things like invitations can slip through the cracks. If you’ve been wondering when to send destination wedding invitations, read on for more information.

Short Answer

Destination weddings can be expensive and take preparation. Give your guests several months to prepare before you ask them to commit so much time and money to your special day.

Know the Destination

When deciding when to send destination wedding invitations, the most important factor is, unsurprisingly, the destination. Make sure that you know exactly where you’ll be asking your guests to travel to.

If you don’t know the destination, the answer to when to send is “never.” Your guests might be pleased by a non-invitation sent a few weeks prior that hints to the general location – the Caribbean, a specific nation, a continent. But when it comes to the full invitation, make sure you’re sending it with exactness.

Expect Preparation

Most people can’t simply get up and cross a great distance at high expense to attend an event. That means that you need to give a long enough period of time for your guests to prepare before you tell them they’ll be traveling to a foreign nation or far-off destination.

Much of this can be fundraising, unless you’ve managed to secure accommodations and other such costs for your guests. Others will need the time to take time off work. Consider how much preparation your guests will need before you send them to travel.

To decide this, think on the destination itself. Will your guests need passports? Is it an expensive destination that your guests might need to save up to visit? Will they need to procure things they may not have, such as climate-specific clothing or equipment to take part in different leisures?

Think of these things and give your guests ample time to prepare. A good rule of thumb is about three months, but you may want to give even longer. Remember, you can give people too little time to prepare, but never too much time.

Consider Theming

Many weddings have some sort of theme, whether it be colors or an aesthetic, or something else altogether. If your destination wedding is themed, consider tying this into your invitation.

This can affect the time that you’re sending your invitation significantly, depending on the theme. If you’re sending something perishable, you might want to send it a bit closer to the wedding’s date. If it’s something a guest is expected to bring, making them keep track of it for too long can be inconsiderate.

Destination Set

While three months is good timing on when to send destination wedding invitations, make sure that you’re personalizing the amount of time given to your guests. With a bit of care and extra attention, you can make sure that everyone is available to enjoy your destination wedding without suffering inconvenience.