Bangladesh Wedding Traditions

Bangladesh wedding traditions are steeped in culture and centuries of history. From pre-wedding ceremonies to post-wedding rituals, there is much to learn about the customs that make these celebrations so special. There’s something magical about witnessing a traditional Bangladesh wedding – it almost feels like time stands still. Discover all you need to know about Bangladeshi weddings, from interesting pre-wedding rites such as ‘Kachchi Biyebari’ and ‘Gaye Holud’, through stunning wedding day ceremonies including exchanging garlands and tying the knot with knots of joy, plus unique post-marriage festivities like Ghotok Bhangon. Read on for an insight into Bangladesh Wedding Traditions.

Bangladesh Wedding Traditions

Pre-Wedding Traditions

Engagement Ceremony:

The engagement ceremony is an important pre-wedding tradition in Bangladesh. It marks the formal announcement of a couple’s intention to marry and is usually attended by close family members and friends. During this event, the groom’s parents present gifts to the bride’s family as a sign of respect. In addition, both families exchange sweets and savories as part of their agreement for marriage.

Dowry Negotiations:

Dowry negotiations are another important pre-wedding tradition in Bangladesh. This involves discussions between the two families about what items will be given from the groom’s side to the bride’s side at the time of marriage. These items may include jewelry, clothing, furniture, household appliances or even cash money depending on each family’s preference and financial ability. The dowry negotiations also involve deciding how much money will be paid for each item so that both sides can agree on a fair price before finalizing any arrangements for marriage.

Bride’s Henna Night is one of the most exciting pre-wedding traditions in Bangladesh. Female relatives gather together with music and dance to celebrate her upcoming wedding day. On this special night, henna designs are applied onto her hands and feet by professional artists who use natural ingredients like lemon juice and essential oils to create intricate patterns that symbolize joyfulness and good luck for her new life ahead.

The pre-wedding traditions in Bangladesh are a vital part of the wedding process and provide an opportunity for families to come together and celebrate. As we move into the wedding day, there are many more rituals that take place on this special occasion.

Wedding Day Traditions

The Baraat Procession is one of the most important traditions in a Bangladeshi wedding. This procession marks the groom’s arrival at the bride’s home and symbolizes his commitment to her. It usually consists of family members, friends, and musicians playing traditional instruments such as drums and horns. The groom rides on a horse or an elephant while everyone follows him singing songs and dancing.

Exchange of Garlands and Rings is another essential tradition during a Bangladeshi wedding ceremony. During this ritual, both the bride and groom exchange garlands made from flowers as a sign of their love for each other. They also exchange rings to signify their union together forever. This is often accompanied by chanting mantras that are believed to bring good luck to them in their married life ahead.

The Wedding Rituals and Customs are what make up the main part of any Bangladeshi wedding ceremony. These rituals include lighting candles around the couple, tying holy threads around their wrists, offering prayers for blessings from God, exchanging gifts between families, applying mehendi (henna) designs on hands and feet of bride and groom respectively. All these rituals have been passed down through generations as symbols of joyous celebration among families who come together to witness this special occasion with great enthusiasm.

The wedding day is full of tradition and customs, from the Baraat Procession to the exchange of garlands and rings. But that’s not all. Post-wedding traditions such as reception parties, Bidaai, and Griha Pravesh add even more joyous celebrations to a special occasion.

Post-Wedding Traditions

Once the wedding day is over, there are still some post-wedding traditions that must be observed in order to complete the marriage process.

Reception Party and Celebrations:

After the ceremony, it is customary for a reception party to be held for family and friends of both sides. This can range from an intimate gathering at home or a grand celebration at a banquet hall with music, dancing, and delicious food. It’s also common for gifts to be exchanged between families during this time as well.

Departure of the Bride from Her Parent’s Home (Bidaai): The bidaai marks the end of one chapter in life and signifies her transition into her new home with her husband’s family. During this ritual, she will take leave of her parents by walking around them three times while they bless her with good wishes for a happy married life ahead. She will then bid farewell to all those present before leaving with her husband in their car decorated with flowers and colorful ribbons.

Upon arriving at their destination, rituals such as lighting lamps or diyas signify welcoming the bride into their new home along with prayers being offered for peace and prosperity within its walls. The groom carries his wife across the threshold symbolizing his commitment towards protecting her throughout their lives together followed by breaking coconuts which symbolizes removing any obstacles that may come up in future marital life together. Finally she enters into her new home where she is welcomed by all members of his family who shower blessings on them both as they embark on this beautiful journey called marriage.

Other Important Traditions in Bangladesh Weddings

Bangladeshi weddings are full of vibrant colors, music, and traditions that make them unique. One of the most important aspects of a Bangladeshi wedding is the traditional attire for both bride and groom. The bridal dress usually consists of an ornate sari or lengha with intricate embroidery and gold jewelry to complete the look. For grooms, they typically wear a sherwani or kurta pajama with elaborate designs.

Music, dance, and food also play an integral role in Bangladeshi weddings. Traditional folk songs are often played during pre-wedding ceremonies such as engagement parties or henna nights while upbeat Bollywood numbers take over at receptions and other celebrations after the ceremony itself has taken place. Guests can be seen dancing to these tunes late into the night. As for food, there’s no shortage of delicious dishes served at Bangladeshi weddings including curries, biryanis, kebabs and more.

Gifts for newlyweds are also part of this tradition; family members usually give money as well as items like jewelry or clothing to help start off their new life together on a good note. These gifts serve as tokens of love from family members who wish nothing but happiness for their loved ones starting out in married life together.


Bangladesh wedding traditions are an important part of the culture and should be respected. From pre-wedding rituals to post-wedding celebrations, these customs provide a unique way for couples to express their love and commitment to each other. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or attending one, it’s important to understand the significance of bangladesh wedding traditions so that you can appreciate them in all their beauty.