What Happens on Wedding Night?

Everyone thinks about what their wedding might be like, but as a current bride-to-be, I’ve begun to wonder what really happens on your wedding night? Do magic elves come out and simply turn me into a ‘60s sitcom mom for the rest of my days? Am I expected to have the Kamasutra memorized backward and front? I … Read more →

How To Address a Wedding Check?

Cash and checks are the second most common gift given at weddings, but there is still little common knowledge about how to address a wedding check with such high popularity. Many people address a wedding check to “Mr and Mrs [Last Name]” without a second thought, not realizing the headache it can cause for the new couple.  … Read more →

How Do Gypsies Pay For Weddings?

TV has made Gypsy weddings seem like the ideal of extravagance with elaborate bank-breaking dresses. Of course, unfortunately, TV shows aren’t always perfect mirrors of the real world, and it begs the question, “how do Gypsies pay for weddings?”. The Gypsy (also called Roma or Romani) ethnicity comprises more than ten million people, and the … Read more →

When to Send Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination weddings have become a popular way to hold a wedding. This is especially true for smaller parties, as it can be much easier to organize. Destination weddings are so popular that there are about 350,000 annually – roughly 25% of all weddings in the United States each year. But there’s so much planning that goes into … Read more →

How to Direct a Wedding

Weddings mark the start of a new life, the genesis of a new generation, and family relationships’ expansion. Some couples come up with unique ideas for the structure and flow of their ceremony, while others need an expert to help with the task. That’s where you come in as a wedding director. So, where will … Read more →

How to Start a Barn Wedding Venue

If you have ever dreamt of starting a wedding venue business, then a barn wedding venue could be your best option. A barn wedding venue business involves converting rustic barns into an elegant venue for hosting weddings at a fee. Though a lucrative opportunity, getting the business off the ground is more challenging than you … Read more →

How Long is a Wedding Ceremony?

We’ve all been there – you roll up to a wedding anticipating a short and very sweet ceremony, followed by a cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. Except, that “short and sweet” ceremony you were expecting has dragged on for over an hour, with no end in sight. What gives? While there’s no rule book for … Read more →

What Do Ushers Do at Weddings?

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you have, without a doubt, noticed a pair of well-dressed, smiling greeters showing guests to their seats as they filed into the venue. These people are called wedding ushers. While it may not look like it, they have one of the most important jobs at the wedding. Having … Read more →

Can a Woman Wear Pants to a Wedding?

Can a Woman Wear Pants to a Wedding? Duh. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into why. Personally, I will be a bridesmaid in a wedding this October, and our bride specifically gave us the option to wear a jumpsuit in her chosen color if we so pleased. If that’s not enough evidence … Read more →

What Happens if Someone Objects at a Wedding?

There are many myths and legends surrounding objections at weddings, and not many of them are true. I heard one recently about a groom’s mother faking an allergy attack during the ceremony. She demanded that the bride’s father and the groom himself take her to the emergency room. Not only did the bride not have … Read more →