How To Make Wedding Wands

Be honest: how many weddings have you been to where you use bubbles for the big send-off? Bubbles have become the method of choice for wedding send-offs since rice fell out of fashion, and they’ve pretty much become the new tradition.

But did you know that there’s another option?

Enter: the wedding wand.

How To Make Wedding Wands

Wedding Wands: Why Use Them?

If you’re looking to put unique touches on your big day (and who isn’t?), then using wedding wands is a great way to achieve the same functionality but with a different flair. Wedding wands are decorated with ribbon and attached to a bell. When you and your new spouse are ready to make your exit from the wedding, guests can wave the wands and ring the bell as a send-off gesture.

Plus, wands can double as a small wedding favor, be a table centerpiece, and used during the reception to prompt a newlywed kiss.

Wedding Wands: Why Make Them Yourself?

Sure, you can order wedding wands (check out these cute ones on Etsy), and this may be a good solution if you have a lot of guests coming in for the wedding. However, two big pluses of making your own wedding wands are 1) costs and 2) customization. 

Likely the cost of the materials and labor (hello, bridesmaids!) is cheaper than ordering a finished wand. Furthermore, it’s difficult to get more customization than when you’re in charge of making something for yourself. So, if you’re the DIY type, here’s a guide on how to make wedding wands. 

Wedding Wands: How Do I Make Them?

First, you’ll need to decide what you want your wands to look like. Decide on key aspects such as length, color, whether you want bells attached, and if you want a catchphrase inscribed on the wand.

Next, you’ll want to gather your materials. These could be sourced from a local craft store, or you may be able to find bulk items online. You’ll typically want the wands to be about 12 inches long and about ¼ inch thick (see here for a sample). You’ll also need jingle bells, ribbon, and screw eye hooks. For the ribbon, you’ll need about 12 inches per wand, per color.

To assemble the wands, push one screw eye hook into one end of each wooden dowel. String the bells onto the eye hook (if your bells don’t have jump rings, you can order some here). Add a piece of ribbon and tie it through the eye hook. If you’d like, you can secure the eye hook with a pair of pliers.

For a step-by-step guide with pictures, see here.

And remember – customize, customize, customize! If you don’t like the light color of the wooden dowels, consider applying a thin coat of paint, a fun wedding-type decal, or even soaking the wood in a quick stain. Try swapping out jingle bells for wedding bells, adding in tulle or lace instead of ribbon, or taking out the ribbon entirely and using a bow instead.