Tennessee Destination Wedding Guide

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about planning or attending a destination wedding in Tennessee.

Weddings in Tennessee: What You Need To Know

A destination wedding in Tennessee is a unique and beautiful way to celebrate your love.

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, Tennessee offers stunning scenery, lush forests, and miles of winding rivers.

From the majestic mountains of East Tennessee to the historic sites of Chattanooga and Nashville, a destination wedding in Tennessee is an unforgettable experience.

From lush forests and sparkling lakes to rolling hills and historical towns, Tennessee offers a variety of scenic locations that are perfect for an amazing wedding day.

Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering or a large formal affair, a destination wedding in Tennessee is sure to be a hit with your guests.

But first: you need to know where in the world Tennessee is…

Where is Tennessee?

Tennessee is a state located in the upper South of the eastern United States.

Tennessee has a very distinct landscape. Its width of 432 miles (695 km) ranges from the Mississippi River borders with Missouri and Arkansas in the west to the Appalachian Mountain borders with North Carolina in the east.

The distance between its northern neighbors, Kentucky and Virginia, and its southern neighbors, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, is only 112 miles (180 km).

Area: 42,144 sq mi (109,153 sq km), Population: (2020) 6,910,840, Capital: Nashville.

Tennessee Facts To Know:

  • Language: English
  • Currency: U.S. dollar (USD)
  • Airports:Nashville International Airport (BNA), Memphis International Airport (MEM)
  • Official Tourism Website:https://www.tnvacation.com/
  • Driving side: Right

Below you will find some more useful information about visiting Tennessee for your special day:

4 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Tennessee

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Planning a destination wedding can be even more stressful!

But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips and things you need to know for planning a destination wedding in Tennessee:

1. Choose a date that works for both you and your guests

Choosing a wedding date can be a daunting task, whether you are planning on getting married in Tennessee or closer to home.

You want to make sure that you pick a date that works for both you and your guests.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding date:

2. Decide on a budget

When it comes to having a Tennessee wedding, there are a lot of different factors that come into play – from the guest list to the venue.

But one of the most important decisions you’ll make is how much you’re willing to spend.

Here are some tips on how to decide on a budget for your wedding:

3. Find a venue that fits your vision and budget

No one ever said wedding planning was easy. In fact, it can often feel downright daunting.

Here’s some useful resources for finding a wedding venue in Tennessee:

4. Hire a wedding planner to take care of the details

A wedding planner can take care of everything for you, from booking vendors to creating a timeline for the day.

Here are some tips on how to find and hire the right planner for your big day in Tennessee

Tennessee Weddings: Key Information

Getting married abroad is a big decision. There’s a lot of things you need to be aware of if you want your big day to run smoothly.

To help, we have put together some useful information about getting married in Tennessee:

  • What is the average cost of a wedding in Tennessee?
  • What are the marriage requirements for Tennessee?
  • What is the weather like in Tennessee?
  • What should you pack for a trip to Tennessee?
  • What things are there to do in Tennessee?
  • What are the best Tennessee wedding venues?

Read on to find out more:

How Much Does a Wedding in Tennessee Cost?

Marriage license fee in Tennessee is $97.50 – $107.50, the cost varies by county if you live in the state. 

If you take a premarital preparation course, the fee is reduced by $60.

A non-resident fee is $41, and it is a reward for choosing Tennessee as the wedding destination.

Both parties must present proof of identity – a picture ID with date of birth like a driver’s license, state ID card, or valid passport, and also proof of your social security number (if you have one).

Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Tennessee

  • To apply for a marriage license, one must be at least 18 years old.
  • No witnesses are needed to get married in Tennessee.
  • The license is valid for 30 days from the issue date, and there is no waiting period.
  • A Tennessee marriage license can be used in any county in the state.
  • Both parties have to be present to obtain a marriage license. 
  • When applying for a marriage license, you will need to provide a photo identification that proves your identity and age, and 
  • Proof of both partners social security number (if you have one).
  • If the bride or the spouse has a legal name change as part of the divorce and neither party has updated their identification documents to reflect the new name, a certified copy of the divorce decree will be needed.
  • Blood tests are not required. 
  • There is no restriction for foreign people marrying in Tennessee, provided that they are in the country legally and get the proper marriage license.
  • All additional documents (like a certified copy of your birth certificate) need to be translated into English.

Before making any wedding or travel preparations, make sure you have all the paperwork needed for your marriage to be recognized in your home country by checking with the local county clerk or marriage official where you intend to marry.

What you need to have in your possession before leaving the country is a legal document that can confirm that your marriage is legitimate and has been registered – the marriage certificate.

What Is The Weather Like in Tennessee?

In order to escape the bitter cold of winter and the sweltering heat of summer, the months of April and October are the ideal time to plan a trip to Tennessee.

You may appreciate the magnificent hues of the trees shedding their leaves in autumn (typically around late October), the phenomenon called fall foliage.

What should you pack for your trip?

​​Dress warmly if you plan on going during the winter months, and pack long sleeves and pants (and also tights to wear under your jeans). Because the wind may be rather cold in the winter, wearing layers and putting on a hat or scarf will help you stay warm and comfortable.

Also, if you happen to be visiting Tennessee in the spring or autumn, keep in mind that the state often has days that begin in the fall, reach their height in the summer, and end in the winter. Bring layers that are simple to take off and put on again if necessary. A light jacket is a great choice.

If you’re visiting during the summer, pack some nice and comfortable shorts, t-shirts, and short-sleeved blouses, as well as some tank tops and sleeveless tees, since temperatures may reach the 90s with heat indexes considerably higher.

Tennessee Weather By Month

Below you will find some useful information and handy tables of weather information to help you pick the best month to visit Tennessee:

Average Temperatures in Tennessee

The table below shows the average temperatures in Tennessee each month:

Month Min (°C) Max (°C) Mean (°C) Min (°F) Max (°F) Mean (°F)
January -1.7 9.1 3.7 29 48 38.7
February -0.5 11.9 5.7 31 53 42.3
March 3.6 16.7 10.2 38 62 50.3
April 8.6 22.2 15.4 47 72 59.7
May 13.7 26.6 20.2 57 80 68.3
June 18.9 30.9 24.9 66 88 76.8
July 20.9 32.6 26.8 70 91 80.2
August 20.2 32.3 26.2 68 90 79.2
September 16.5 29.2 22.9 62 85 73.1
October 9.2 23.1 16.2 49 74 61.1
November 3.3 16.3 9.8 38 61 49.7
December -0.1 11.2 5.6 32 52 42
Year 9.4 21.9 15.65 49 71.4 60

Average Rainfall in Tennessee

The table below shows the average rainfall in Tennessee each month:

Month Millimeters Inches Days
January 105 4.1 11
February 110 4.3 11
March 115 4.5 12
April 120 4.7 11
May 130 5.1 12
June 110 4.3 10
July 115 4.5 10
August 95 3.7 10
September 100 3.9 8
October 85 3.3 9
November 95 3.7 9
December 115 4.5 12
Year 1290 50.8 127

Sunshine Hours in Tennessee

The table below shows the average sunshine hours in Tennessee each month:

Month Average Total
January 4.5 140
February 5 145
March 6 190
April 7.5 230
May 8.5 260
June 9.5 280
July 9 280
August 8.5 260
September 7.5 225
October 7 215
November 5 150
December 4 130
Year 6.9 2510

What To Wear in Tennessee? (Packing Tips)

It can be difficult to know what to pack for your vacation. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing for your trip.

We’ve put together some tips on what to wear in Tennessee so that you can make the most of your time there.

  • The state has a wide range of weather conditions, from hot and humid summers to chilly winters. Therefore, it is essential to pack clothing that can be layered.
  • Insect repellent: Mosquitoes and other insects can be a nuisance when you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors. Pack insect repellent to keep them at bay.
  • Comfortable shoes: You’ll want to pack comfortable shoes for walking, hiking, or any other activities you have planned.
  • Sunscreen: If you are planning on doing any hiking or outdoor activities, make sure to pack sunscreen.
  • Hat and sunglasses: A hat and sunglasses will help you in the hot Tennessee sunshine.
  • Camera: And of course, don’t forget your camera!
  • Passport: Other essential items to pack include a valid passport and any necessary visas.
  • Travel insurance: Make sure you have travel insurance that will cover you in case of any medical emergencies or lost baggage.
  • Chargers: Also, be sure to bring along any chargers and travel power adapters you’ll need for your electronic devices.
  • FIrst-aid kit: It is also a good idea to pack a first-aid kit, in case of any minor injuries, and also any essential medications.

Things to Do in Tennessee

There are many different things to do in Tennessee, no matter what time of year you visit.

Here is a list of some of the top activities to enjoy during your stay:

Best Tennessee Wedding Venues & Hotels

With so many stunning locations to choose from, how do you know which is the best wedding venue in Tennessee?

Here are our picks for the top spots to tie the knot, as well as hotels to stay in:

Wedding Venues in Tennessee

  • Homestead Manor
  • Cheekwood Estate and Gardens
  • Carnton Plantation
  • The Bell Tower in Nashville
  • Castleton Farms
  • Riverwood Mansion
  • The Coker Museum
  • Allenbrooke Farms
  • Noelle (Saidee Gallery)
  • Avon Acres

Hotels in Tennessee

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Nashville
  • Graduate Nashville
  • Hotel Indigo Chattanooga
  • Drury Inn & Suites Knoxville
  • Margaritaville Island Inn, Pigeon Forge
  • Home2 Suites By Hilton Pigeon Forge
  • Twin Mountain Inn & Suites, Pigeon Forge
  • Giles Hotel Inn and Suites, Pulaski
  • Gnome Alone, Sevierville
  • Smoky Mtn Sunrise, Gatlinburg
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