14th Year Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a great 14th anniversary gift or ways to celebrate your marriage? To help, we researched the best gift ideas out there (for him + her) and created this list.

14th Wedding Anniversary: Everything you NEED to know

14th Wedding Anniversary Traditions

  • Traditional Gift – Ivory
  • Contemporary/Modern Gift – Gold Jewellery
  • Gemstone – Opal
  • Flower – Dahlia
  • Color – Ivory

Let’s look at these in more detail:

14th Anniversary Traditional Gift – Ivory

Ivory, like fur, is a sensitive material nowadays because of how it is commonly acquired. However, antique ivory, or something that seems to be ivory, such as the Tagua nut, might be an option. It is derived from South American palm trees and Micronesian and African palms and resembles genuine ivory, and can be worked in the same way. Alternatively, why not give an art work or other present that refers to elephants? Perhaps a gift with an ivory hue, such as a one-of-a-kind item of clothing, would be appreciated.

Ivory Tagua Nut and Hand Forged Sterling Silver Earrings

Seeking a unique, environmentally friendly gift? Consider these beautiful earrings made from Tagua nuts, also known as 'vegetable ivory', that not only have striking similarities to animal ivory but also play a crucial role in protecting tusk-bearing animals. They are a thoughtful way to show your loved one how deeply you value them, all while supporting a cause that matters.

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14th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift – Gold Jewellery

Gold has been prized for its great worth for hundreds of years. The three forms of gold available in today’s jewelry market are yellow, white, and rose. Yellow gold is the purest form of the precious metal and occurs naturally. However, pure gold is far too soft to be used directly in jewelry, so it is blended with an alloy. Both the color and the hardness of the completed metal are determined by the component used in the alloy. The yellow gold is combined with elements such as zinc and copper. White gold is composed of either palladium or nickel, giving it a silver/platinum color. Rose gold includes approximately a quarter of copper, resulting in a pink tint. Goldstone is known as the stone of ambition. It builds energy, courage, and a positive attitude.

Gold Mini Diamond Starburst Chain Earring Studs - BILLIE SIMONE

Imagine the spark in your loved one's eyes when they unwrap these beautiful Gold Mini Diamond Starburst Chain Earring Studs by BILLIE SIMONE! Dazzling and elegant, these studs are a golden way to mark your treasured anniversary. It's a stylish, heartfelt gift that will truly express the love and admiration you feel.

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14th Anniversary Gemstone – Opal

There are two kinds of opal – the common opal and the precious opal. Precious opal has iridescence, which means that different hues may be seen depending on the angle of light. The majority of precious opal gemstones are cut and polished into cabochons. Thin opals can be combined with other materials like ironstone, dark or black common opal, onyx, or obsidian to make beautiful stones. Milk opal, resin opal, and wood opal are examples of common opal. These aren’t typically carved into jewelry. Nonetheless, many people consider opal to be a beautiful gemstone to be admired.

Vintage Pear Shaped Opal Ring

Seeking a memorable gift to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary? This stunning Vintage Pear Shaped Opal Ring is a brilliant choice! It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a stylish declaration of your lasting love that is sure to be cherished.

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14th Anniversary Flower – Dahlia

The dahlia is the 14th birthday flower. These lovely, striking blooms are commonly found in gardens throughout the world in a wide range of colors such as pink, red, white, orange, yellow, and a deep burgundy. Dahlias are related to sunflowers, chrysanthemums, zinnias, and daisies. They symbolize elegance, inner strength, creativity, transformation (changes), and dignity. The flower dahlia was seen in Victorian times as a symbol of commitment, an unbreakable connection or bond. They are frequently used during marriage ceremonies.

Lily Chic Orange Flower Bouquet at Send Flowers

Want to light up your anniversary with a vibrant gift? Check out the Lily Chic Orange Flower Bouquet, featuring stunning Hot Pink Dahlias and other brightly colored blooms. This radiant bouquet will remind your loved one of your affection every time they glance its way.

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14th Anniversary Colour – Ivory

Ivory is a hard, white material from the tusks (traditionally from elephants) and teeth of animals that consists mainly of dentine, one of the physical structures of teeth and tusks. Besides natural ivory, ivory can also be produced synthetically, hence not requiring the retrieval of the material from animals. Tagua nuts can also be carved like ivory. From ancient times, ivory has been used to make a variety of items, including ivory carvings, false teeth, piano keys, fans, and dominoes. Ivory has been revered as a sign of chastity, wealth, and virtue since very early times. The tusks of a mastodon, mammoth, rhino, hippo, walrus, narwhal, and contemporary elephants were used by early carvers. Since 1989, the international ivory trade has been prohibited, and numerous nations, including China, have subsequently banned domestic sales.

14th Wedding for Her or Him, 14 Years Marriage Gift for Couple, Ivory Anniversary Present for Wife Husband

Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate a 14-year wedding anniversary? This ivory colored circular plaque is the perfect way to commemorate the beautiful journey you've shared. It's an ideal ivory anniversary present for your spouse or any special couple in your life, symbolizing the love and commitment of 14 remarkable years of marriage.

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How to Celebrate a 14th Anniversary

The common 14th anniversary present is ivory, but instead of the real thing, get something off-white. There are a lot of ivory-coloured items to pick from, whether it’s a warm blanket, a sumptuous robe, or a stylish nontoxic cookware set. You might also choose an ivory gift that helps support elephants. That is why we’ve compiled a list of related gift ideas and other great present alternatives to help you create wonderful memories for your 14th wedding anniversary.

14th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Here are some different ways to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary:

  1. Visit a wildlife park followed by a lunch in the open air.
  2. Buy an elephant sculpture for your garden or home.
  3. Save for a holiday to Australia, including an opal mine tour of Coober Pedy.
  4. Invite friends and family to a celebration party at home or in a local pub, bar, or restaurant.
  5. Michelin star dining & beer pairing.
  6. See wild elephants on a safari adventure.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas to celebrate a 14th year anniversary? Here’s some ideas:

Gold is the precious metal associated with the 14th wedding anniversary. It is a sign of wealth and optimism as well as good health. Celebrating 14 years of marriage by gifting gold jewellery is a fantastic idea – necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, watches, and tie pins are but a few of the options.

The traditional gift is ivory, but definitely try opting for something that seems to be ivory or an item in an ivory color, like a piece of clothing.

The flower is the dahlia, which is the symbol of strength. It would make a beautiful arrangement with its many shapes and colors.

Opal, a stone that is thought to reveal your emotions when worn against the skin would make a lovely jewelry gift.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

  • Faux ivory sculpture or ornamental statue
  • Gold chain or watch
  • An imitation ivory handled razor or shaving set

14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

  • Opal earrings
  • Elegant imitation/faux ivory jewelry
  • Floral gift of dahlias

14th Wedding Anniversary FAQs

Got questions about your 14th year wedding anniversary? We’ve got you covered:

What is the 14th wedding anniversary called?

The 14th wedding anniversary is called the Ivory Anniversary.

What is the 14th wedding anniversary gemstone?

Opal is the 14th wedding anniversary gemstone.

What is the 14th wedding anniversary symbol?

Ivory is the 14th wedding anniversary symbol.

What is the 14th wedding anniversary color?

The color associated with the 14th wedding anniversary would be ivory.

What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 14th wedding anniversary?

Ivory is the traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary, and the modern gift is gold jewelry.

What is the 14th year anniversary flower?

The flower for the 14th wedding anniversary is the dahlia representing grace and elegance.