97th Year Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a great 97th anniversary gift or ways to celebrate your marriage? To help, we researched the best gift ideas out there (for him + her) and created this list.

97th Wedding Anniversary: Everything you NEED to know

97th Wedding Anniversary Traditions

  • Traditional Gift – N/A
  • Contemporary/Modern Gift – N/A
  • Gemstone – N/A
  • Flower – N/A
  • Colour – N/A

Let’s look at these in more detail:

97th Anniversary Traditional Gift – N/A

97th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift – N/A

97th Anniversary Gemstone – N/A

97th Anniversary Flower – N/A

97th Anniversary Colour – N/A

How to Celebrate a 97th Anniversary

Why not make use of this lovely day to share some wonderful chocolates, excellent French Champagne, and a lot of laughter?

Meanwhile, create a new wedding album using photographs from prior anniversaries, along with witty remarks and romantic sentiments to evoke cherished memories for the happy couple.

97th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Here are some different ways to celebrate your 97th wedding anniversary:

  1. A trip to the place where the couple has met.
  2. Organising a meal with their favourite food.
  3. A scrapbook that captures their life and memorable moments.
  4. Handmade chocolates.

97th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are looking for an unusual gift for this 97th anniversary, you will not find any help from popular traditions, as there are no specific gemstones or flowers associated with it.

A unique arrangement of flowers to resemble the bridal bouquet, or a sumptuous box of chocolates for the pair to enjoy, are both excellent presents.

Whatever plans are made for this anniversary, spending it with family and close friends will be the greatest present, ideally toasted with a glass of Champagne.

97th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

97th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

97th Wedding Anniversary FAQs

Got questions about your 97th year wedding anniversary? We’ve got you covered:

What is the 97th wedding anniversary called?

The 97th wedding anniversary does not have a name associated with it.

What is the 97th wedding anniversary gemstone?

There is no gemstone for the 97th wedding anniversary.

What is the 97th wedding anniversary symbol?

The 97th wedding anniversary does not have any traditional symbols.

What is the 97th wedding anniversary colour?

The 97th wedding anniversary has no colour associated with it.

What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 97th wedding anniversary?

There are no traditional or modern gifts for the 97th wedding anniversary.

What is the 97th year anniversary flower?

There is no flower associated with a 97th wedding anniversary.