How Much Is A Gypsy Wedding Dress?

Gypsy wedding dresses are flamboyant, eye-catching, and luxurious. They often have bedazzled bodices and massive, flowing skirts that always manage to take my breath away. There is nothing understated about these dresses; they make any bride feel like a fairytale princess. But just how much is a Gypsy wedding dress?

Price Range and Factors

Extravagant Gypsy wedding dresses can cost anywhere between $500 to $40,000.

The price of a Gypsy wedding dress depends on many factors. Custom dresses will cost significantly more than a dress purchased off the rack. Today, there are options to buy a pre-owned wedding dress, possibly saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Additional costs can also contribute to the price. The crystals that add the wow factor to Gypsy wedding dresses are typically the priciest part of the dress. The price can vary with the quality of the jewels. For example, Swarovski crystals will cost more than resin rhinestones, but they may not shine quite the same.

The fabric the bride chooses also impacts the price. The enormous skirts can require over 80 yards of fabric and weigh up to 100 pounds. High-end fabrics such as silk organza or chiffon can cost up to $50 per yard, while tulle and regular organza can cost much less. 

Recommendations For Buying

Listed from most affordable to most extravagant, these are my top three recommendations for finding the perfect, breathtaking Gypsy dress.  

Wedding Dress Fantasy

This site offers a beautiful range of dress styles and specifically Gypsy wedding dresses. These dresses do not disappoint in the bling department and have the dramatic skirts that give Gypsy dresses their grandeur. Their prices are more affordable than going to a designer. Wedding Dress Fantasy is an ​​award-winning bridal salon. I love the specific Gypsy section on their website.

Wedding Dress Fantasy’s prices range from $750-$5,000 for Gypsy dresses. This tighter price range helps brides stay within their budget easily while still having options. Wedding Dress Fantasy understands the essence of Gypsy dresses exhibiting flowing skirts and sparkly accents in line with the style. 


Wedding dresses are expensive for single wear, so pre-owned dress sites are a fantastic option for a bride on a budget. StillWhite is a pre-owned wedding dress site that helps brides shop by designer and gives them the possibility of finding high-end designer dresses like a Sondra Celli at a discount. I love the idea of a bride selling their dress to make someone else’s special day perfect.

This site has beautiful dresses ranging from $500-$30,000, making it a bit of a roulette. A bride could get lucky and find a bedazzled, flowing Gypsy dress for under $2,000, but it will take a keen eye. 

Sondra Celli

Sondra Celli is the queen of Gypsy wedding dresses. She has a TLC show centered around her endeavors designing these whimsical dresses, a show I am guilty of binging. She is well-known for her unique and dazzling designs

Sondra Celli’s are usually custom made for the bride making them expensive. They can run anywhere between $5,000 and $40,000. Celli has said that most brides she meets have a budget of $5,000-$9,000. In an interview, she explains that with Gypsy dresses, the bling is everything and also the most expensive part of the dress. But what is a Gypsy dress if it has no sparkle?