How to Decorate a Wagon for a Wedding

I’ll be honest: when I first heard of having wagons in a wedding, I wasn’t very impressed.

I pictured a big country-type wagon from the olden days wheeling down the aisle, straight off the Oregon Trail maybe. I’m not much of a country girl, and my own wedding was pretty standard. So I heard about using wagons in a wedding and my first thought was For what?

How to Decorate a Wagon for a Wedding

Decorating a wagon to use in your wedding isn’t an overly complicated task. If you don’t want to buy one, you can borrow a wagon from friends or family. A quick trip to your local craft store will supply you with all the decorative material you’ll need, from fabric, faux flowers, strings, beads, and more.

The Details

If you’re looking to know more about wedding wagons, here’s all the information you need.

Wagons in Weddings: Who Uses Them?

Turns out that wagons actually have a lot of uses in weddings, and those uses are pretty practical – as practical as a wedding gets, anyway. Wagons in weddings are typically beautifully decorated and function as a carriage for the littles, whether they be flower girls, ring bearers, offspring of the bride and/or groom, or even junior wedding party members.

Wagons in Weddings: How Are They Used?

Decorated wagons are a perfect touch for outdoor weddings, rustic-themed weddings, country-chic, fairytale weddings, and more.

While wedding wagons are more typical of outdoor venues, don’t let that stick you in a box! Different types of wagons can be beautifully and creatively decorated to fit into any theme, indoors or out.

And once the wagon is decorated and loaded up, who pulls it? Many times an older flower girl or ring bearer can pull the wagon, or a junior bridesmaid. If these aren’t options in your wedding, ask the maid of honor to pull the wagon.

Wagons in Weddings: How Are They Decorated?

Now for the fun part! You’ve decided to use a wagon – great! Now how do you go about creating the perfect one to fit your wedding?

You can find many different styles of wagons on Amazon and other retailers. Depending on your budget, you can either buy one or decorate a loaned one. Either way you’ll likely end up customizing the wagon quite a bit to match your wedding theme and colors. 

Get creative with decoration ideas for the wagon itself! You’ll want to make sure that you cover any logos, scuff marks, or other imperfections, but after that the sky’s the limit. Here are a few great decoration ideas:

  • Attach a chalkboard or sign to the back of the wagon with a wedding catch phrase such as “Here Comes the Bride” or “Tying the Knot!”
  • Paint your wagon to match the wedding decor or the season. White is always a classic!
  • Cover the sides of the wagon with fabric, such as tulle, lace, burlap or canvas
  • Try using light strands around the outside of the wagon, which could look cool especially at an evening weddings
  • Decorate the rim of the wagon with flowers or bows. (Faux flowers are a safer bet).
  • The inside of the wagon can be lined with blankets or small pillows to make it more comfortable
  • It’s probably best to leave the wagon handle undecorated, or with just a simple bow

And remember to check out Pinterest for more inspiration and decorative ideas!

Wagons in Weddings: Safety

A word to the wise: since your wagon will actually be transporting children and not just a cute decoration, child safety needs comes first. Always remember to keep the wagon wheels free from decoration and make sure that the child is either old enough to sit in the bed of the wagon alone or a secured seat.