Wedding Shower Invitation Template

Looking for a wedding shower invitation template? We’ve collected the best free templates available online.

Weddings are awesome, but so is inviting friends and family for a wedding shower.

However, if you’re the host of a shower party, you need to make the invitation process as easy and fun as possible, but without looking like you’re just throwing a ‘get together’ at home.

A wedding shower invitation template can help your invitations look professional.

Wedding Shower Invitation Template

Wedding showers are a fun way to celebrate the upcoming marriage, and have fun before the official celebration.

However, a wedding shower also requires some planning, and one of the things to plan are the invitations.

The design and the wording of your wedding shower invitation will make the guests feel included and will add to the happy atmosphere of the event.

Wedding shower invitation templates can be a great tool in creating a perfect invitation!

Wedding Shower Invitation Template 101

What is a wedding shower invitation template?

An invitation template is a sample invitation that is designed to give you ideas on what to say in your invitation.

Why is a wedding shower invitation template important?

Wedding shower invitation template can be used to portray the theme of the event, and it will help in making the invitation as it will have all the information needed.

What should be included in a wedding shower invitation template?

An invitation template for a wedding shower should include the location of the event, details of the event, and date and time of the event.

Wedding Shower Invitation Template Free

Don’t worry too much about what to include in your spreadsheet.

Here are a collection of useful wedding shower invitation templates to use for inspiration:

Bridal shower invitation templates

These many various easy-to-make, customisable bridal shower invitations can serve as inspiration for your big day.

Browse through a wide variety of wedding shower themes to find the perfect fit for your personality.

Get the spreadsheet →

Wedding Shower Invitation FAQs

How do you make a wedding shower invitation?

The name of the bride, the date, time, and place of the shower, as well as any other information you’d want to include, should be included on a bridal shower invitation.

The average length of a wedding shower invitation is 10 lines.

How far in advance do you send invitations for a bridal shower?

Depending on the number of out-of-town guests attending, bridal shower invites should be sent out six to eight weeks prior to the event.

Make sure all attendees RSVP to the same person (the maid of honor, for example) in order to keep the guest list manageable.

Are evites OK for bridal shower?

Electronic invites are ideal for bridal showers, but if you want your guests to have a physical copy of the invitation as a memento of the event, printed invitations with (or without) electronic equivalents are a terrific choice.

Do you send the bride a shower invitation?

A lot of bridal showers aren’t announced in advance since they are a surprise (even if the bride knows it’s coming), so she does not get an invitation.

What’s the difference between a wedding shower and a bridal shower?

The distinction is simple: the bridal shower is just for you and your girlfriends, the wedding shower is a co-ed event during which both the bride and groom are showered with presents and affection.

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