What To Wear On Wedding Night?

So, you are wondering what outfit will make you unforgettable on your wedding night? I’ll start by telling you not to overthink it or over-stress. I am qualified to tell you this because I just recently got married.

Being the 34-year-old bride to a 39-year-old husband and experiencing a sexless wedding night qualifies me even more.

I was sure I was the first person in the universe who didn’t consummate and wear lingerie on their wedding night. According to HuffPost, more than 25 percent of couples don’t consummate on their wedding night.

Go With The Flow

You could spend a lot of time figuring out what to wear on wedding night. There are a lot of stereotypes about how sexy and exciting your wedding night should be. I’m here to tell you, a wedding night without sex and a thong wasn’t a failure for us.

It was fun, sexy, and exciting.

But don’t get me wrong, I was prepared with my red Victoria’s Secret thong with the bell on the back. I also splurged on theAllechanto Lingerie Set on Etsy. I was ready to light that fire.

But, after a long day of dancing, entertaining, and walking on the beach, I wanted to change into something cozy and comfortable. I didn’t feel like having something all up in my crack.

Wedding Night Trends

It doesn’t matter what your wedding night plans are. If you plan to relax and count the money in the envelopes or have a night filled with hot sex on a platter, dress the part.

You can wear anything from a Bustier with feathers to silk pajamas. Wear what makes you feel good about yourself and sprinkle in what he likes.

What You Don’t Expect

And if I haven’t become the first killjoy of what to wear on your wedding night and wedding night sex, I’d like to share something else no one will ever tell you.  On your wedding night, you are exhausted and starving! Preparing the day before into the next day is so fulfilling yet tiring.

The Gift Of All Gifts

I’m not sure if you guessed it yet, but my husband and I wore matching hunter green (our favorite color) silk pajamas with our last name on them.

As a joke, while we were engaged, I told him I couldn’t wait for us to have matching green pajamas. Who would have thought he wanted to see that happen?

I was so excited to wear them that I forgot all about the lingerie. But it was ok. I just wore it on our honeymoon.

We changed into those pajamas, danced to our song, ate chicken tenders and fries from the Silver Diner, and fell asleep watching cartoons. We had about 4 hours before our flight to begin our honeymoon.

Our experience proves that having to wear lingerie to make your wedding night unforgettable is amyth.  So take it from me and don’t overthink what to wear on wedding night. It’s ok to plan and be prepared but be flexible enough to go with the flow.