What To Wear To A Winery Wedding

Wine and weddings. The two go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Couple this amazing combination with breathtaking vineyard views, and it’s no wonder why many couples choose to tie the knot at a winery.

You received the invitation and your RSVP is already in the mail. Next comes the question, “What to wear to a winery wedding?”

Here are five simple tips to have you sipping pretty and looking your best on the couple’s special day.

Tip 1: Check the Invitation

The first step is to check the invitation directly. Does it specify what kind of attire guests should wear? Once you know whether you can dress more casually or if black-tie formalwear is expected, you can begin to plan your ensemble.

If the invitation doesn’t mention a dress code, it’s a safe bet to dress semi-formally for most winery weddings. Think floral cocktail dresses, flowing maxi dresses, and tailored rompers or pantsuits.

Tip 2: Research the Venue

Take some time to check out the location of the winery as well as its style and amenities. A large part of the appeal of winery weddings is that they offer indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Some wineries can be a little more on the rustic side. Take into consideration the terrain of the outdoor spaces. Six-inch stilettos are fine on paved walkways but might not be the best choice for traversing across sweeping lawns.

Tip 3: Consider the Weather

The weather can be unpredictable. So, it’s wise to plan for some inclement conditions and have some stylish and appropriate outerwear. Bring a shawl, bolero, or dress jacket so you can layer if necessary.

Think about the season the wedding will be in as well. Being aware of the average temperatures during that time can be beneficial. With planning, you can avoid sweating through your clothes or shivering through the ceremony.

Tip 4: Pick Appropriate Colors

We all know wearing white to a wedding is basically a cardinal sin. For a winery wedding, it might be best to avoid light colors in general. Visible accidental wine spills are not quite chic and light colors will make spills much more apparent.

It might seem counterintuitive, but perhaps avoid burgundy shades as well. The color is perfect for wineries, which is why so many bridesmaid dresses for winery weddings are deep red. You don’t want to blend in too much with the wedding party.

If possible, find out the colors the bridal party will be wearing. Knowing the color scheme can help you pick complementary shades so you look even more flattering in the photos.

Tip 5: Think About the Couple’s Style

You received an invitation to their wedding, so you must know one or both of them pretty well. Think about what kind of style or aesthetic they like.

Are they fans of clean and classic lines, or do they prefer bold patterns and bright colors? Maybe they like a retro feel or lean more toward modern and minimal designs. Style your outfit in a way that will be comfortable for you and fit their preferences.